Sampling Solution for the Electronics Industry

Design Engineers/OEMs

NeedaSample allows you to order samples from listed suppliers to meet your design engineering needs. You can also communicate with the supply chain members, e.g., Sales Representatives, Distributors and Suppliers regarding queries on your Samples.


Request Free Sample of Electronic Parts



Web-based sampling management application for Electronic Component Industries.

Specifically designed to significantly optimize the management of sampling activity right from sample order till volume production orders.

  • Simplifies the process of ordering electronic component samples and allows the tracking of sample requests
  • Tracks and Traces the complete information about every step in a supply chain process
  • Offers a powerful Sampling Management tool to have traceability system in one place
  • Connects supply chain members and the design engineers at one platform to use online interface.

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Distributors / Representatives

NeedaSample is a very Powerful Tracking System that can be used to capture all the related information on sample request, at all important stages, from placing an order till the final feedback is received. As a Distributor/ Representative you get an advantage of having a single dashboard for all the suppliers whom you serve and who are also our partners.


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