Electronic Component Distributors

Globalization has rendered the electronic market a spectrum of disciplines to be explored. The requirement of every country changes with every latitude crossed.

The market is flooded by different distributors who claim to deliver the products within their domestic market in the most efficient way as possible. Electronic component distributors have to meet the demand from varying industry disciplines, as the components the most crucial things that innovative gadgets demand.

Rapidly changing technology and an increasing rate of component obsolescence have significantly changed the role of an Electronic components distributor. But not to say that the customers are highly let down. Customers fail to receive their consignments on time due to one reason or another.

The distributors are the one who have to face the wrath of retailers who complain again and again of the high demand pressure and their loss in business for not meeting with the demand deadlines.

A typical electronics components distributor derives most of his revenue from component sales and his imperatives are on keeping minimum in hand inventory but increase inventory turnovers.

In addition to this electronic product distributors should also cope with the following issues:

Multi national presence: Establishing across geographies is now emerging as a strategic growth driver for electronic component distributors. It is important that a distributor has the right technology and resources to manage this multi location growth.

Inventory Obsolescence: One of the key competitive factors for any electronic components distributor is to maintain sufficient level of inventory to meet rapid delivery requirements of customers. At the same time the distributor should also address the risks associated with product obsolescence and valuation of inventory at hand.

Updated with latest database: A typical component distributor maintains millions of parts and keeps adding new products and attributes on a daily basis. It is important that distributors have access to consistent data so that he is not left behind others in the competition.

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