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ASSP (Application Specific Standard Product)

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In computers, an ASSP (application-specific standard product) is a semiconductor device integrated circuit (IC) product that is dedicated to a specific application market and sold to more than one user (and thus, "standard"). The ASSP is marketed to multiple customers just as a general-purpose product is, but to a smaller number of customers since it is for a specific application. Like an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit), the ASSP is for a special application, but it is sold to any number of companies. (An ASIC is designed and built to order for a specific company.)

According to a recent survey around 20% of the semiconductors sold in the market were ASSPs.
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Key features:

  • Less Number of External Components
  • RSSI Features are excellent
  • 4-ohms Speaker Direct Drive
  • Mixer, Oscillators, IF AMP and OSC Buffer on chip
  • AFT: Adjustment Free FM-PLL Demodulator :Adjustment Free
  • Mixer, Oscillators, IF AMP and OSC Buffer on chip
  • frequency operation from 1Hz-100kHz
  • less number of external components
  • less number of external components, dual circuits
  • resolution 8bit, settling time 85ns
  • Maximum output current 250mA typ.
  • Internal Current Amplifier and RF Oscillator(4Channels)
  • R-2R system, 8bit 3ch D/A converters
  • 8bit 8ch D/A Converters
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