BeON for Manufacturers

Looking for a better way to increase design wins and connect with your customers?
Then its time to join the Beganto Open Network. Also known as BeON, the online programs for Electronic Component Manufacturer / suppliers provide you the tools you need to generate, manage, track and win new business opportunities.

Our programs for Electronic Component Manufacturers include:

Lead generation and tracking program
A "pay-for-performance" program where you can generate product specific leads from an exclusive user base of over 41,000 designers and buyers of electronic components and semiconductors...  Learn more | Sign-up

Design WinnerTM
A semi-automated 10 step sample to design-win cycle implemented within your organization that gives you closed loop feedback on all the Electronic Component samples you support directly or through your reps and Electronic Component distributors... Learn more | Sign-up

Design WinnerTM Premier
Can be implemented independently or as an extension of Design WinnerTM to manage, route, respond to and track information requests and requests for quotes coming directly from customers, or from reps and Electronic Component distributors... Learn more | Sign-up

Global TrackerTM
Implemented as an extension of Design Winner, this program tracks the global production schedules resulting from your design wins.  The program automatically maintains an audit trail to document the contribution of the reps influences as the opportunity progresses from design, procurement and manufacturing phases... Learn more | Sign-up

While the Lead generation and tracking program brings new opportunities and tracks them to volume sales; Design Winner, Design Winner Premier and Global Tracker provide a collaborative platform that enable you to track all the new business opportunities that your organization is pursuing through your existing channels and marketing efforts.

To further boost the effectiveness of your marketing programs, Beganto also provides the following powerful add-on applications:

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