Electronics Component Manufacturers' Representatives

Looking for a better way to generate leads and capture commissions for your efforts?
Then its time to join the Beganto Open Network. Also known as BeON, this online program provides the tools you need to manage and track new business opportunities from your territory for all your lines whether or not the principal is on the program

The Problem:
On one end, with an increasing amount of Electronics component manufacturing going overseas reps are losing commissions on the smaller size opportunities that seem impossible to track. On the other end principals continue to ask for detailed reports on reps contributions on new business opportunities which in turns means more time spent in writing reports and less time in the field helping customers.

Beganto Solution:
Beganto Open Network is a common platform for the customer, electronics component manufactures' representatives , distributor and supplier to generate, manage, track and win new business opportunities. BeON brings you a new source of leads and the tools you need to manage them. Our Electronics component sample management system enables you to manage with all your sample leads in one place, so that you can pursue them to the point of a design win.Our Global Tracker solution tracks volume sales resulting from your design-in efforts so that getting compensated for you efforts is not an unending and expensive battle.

You can enter leads and new business opportunities into your account database or these can be automatically entered when a customer requests for information, a Electronics component sample or a price quote.

If the opportunity is not updated at target dates entered for the opportunity, the system follows up automatically with the right person via email to get the update. This leads to automatic tracking of the opportunity history as it moves through the design, procurement and manufacturing phases.

Solution Benefits:

  • Spend more time selling and less time on preparing reports
  • Receive compensation on opportunities you support through automated tracking
  • Get leads and new business opportunity support on all your line
  • Membership in an authorized online industry network
Our programs for Electronics component manufacturers reps include
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