Electronics Components (Design Engineers, Planners, Buyers)

Beganto Open Network (BeON) is designed with engineers and buyers in mind. Our Need-A-Sample, NeedInfo and NeedaQuote products enable you to get specifications, samples and pricing information directly from the Electronic components manufacturers and their authorized agents.  These tools are designed to make your design and sources process more productive, efficient and easier.

As your projects move from design to manufacturing phase, these tools will help you track and manage all your projects through one account.

The challenge:
When starting a new electronic components design you are faced with conflicting challenges. Apart from the technical challenges, you often need to get all the samples to complete your board evaluations. Today, this requires you to go to multiple websites to order your Electronic components samples, and then maintain a log of what the current shipment status of the samples are. Further, budgetary pricing information is needed to compare various alternates. Collecting all this information takes significant time and energy and causes delays.

Beganto Solution:
Beganto Open Network allows you to orders samples or request pricing from all your suppliers from your single user account. These components samples are shipped directly from the Electronic components manufacturers or their authorized sources. You can track the shipment status on all these samples from all these suppliers through a single account. Beganto enters into arrangement with the suppliers where-in suppliers agree to support your requests.

You can also update your project manufacturing schedule or invite in the program manager in-charge of the project into the opportunity. When the supply chain supporting you knows the production schedule and location, they are better equipped to provide you with the support to Electronic components design engineers.

Our Services for Design Engineers

  1. Open Search Engine offers a searchable database of active, passive and electromechanical components that allows design engineers and buyers not only to find totally up-to-date technical information about electronic components, along with pricing and availability, but also opens the channel of communication with the local field sales office and/or distributor of choice. http://ose.beganto.com
  2. Need-A-Sample®establishes the connection between the design engineer and his components source. The application is accessible at www.needasample.com, or through buttons on the manufacturers, distributors, or reps web site. The program also helps all concerned monitor and manage the progress of sample requests.
  3. NeedaQuoteTM establishes the connection between the buyer and his authorized components source. The application is accessible at www.needasample.com, or through NeedaQuote buttons on the manufacturers, distributors, or reps website.
  4. Global TrackerTM Enables you to invite in the Program Manager incharge for manufacturing phase of the project. Program manager can update the project schedule keeping everyone in the supply chain, in the loop.
  1. Search parts from manufacturers and distributors of components simultaneously
  2. Request information directly from supplier or their authorized agents
  3. Order free samples and paid sample or get price quotes
  4. Get real-time pricing and availability on the parts you are looking for
  5. Track and update projects online
Note: 1. Subject to availability and approval


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