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Beganto provides the Electronic engineering community with an easier way to find electronic components / parts for their projects and order electronic samples or request for quotes through our product called Need-A-Sample.
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  • Save time -- Conduct search for all electronic components from one website
  • Save money -- Buy samples and at the same time request samples for free
  • Save energy -- Track all your sample orders online from a single website

Find electronic components / parts and ICs from over hundreds of suppliers, including AVX, Amphenol, Analog Devices, Cornell Dubilier, Fairchild, Freescale, National, Linear Technology, TI, Vishay and many more with help of our service called Open SearchTM and then order those sample through Need-A-Sample®

Beganto's Need-A-Sample is the perfect market-sensitive solutions to speed-up product search and the delivery of product data, create and protect design wins, facilitate requests for quotation and purchase order issuance, and track sales globally for the electronic components industry.

In addition, buyers can submit Requests for Quote (RFQ) from the Sponsoring Supplier's Web site, and either the customer or the Component supplier can invite a distributor into the RFQ!  It all happens online, including letting manufacturers' representatives know about RFQs in their territories, and giving buyers individual accounts for access and retrieval of their pending requests.

As BeON members using Need-A-Sample® services is free to engineers, buyers, distributors and reprentatives. The business model is supported by fees from component manufacturers who become Sponsoring Suppliers because they want to increase design wins and track their global sales.  However, the search database is not limited to Sponsoring Suppliers, but covers most branded Electronic components which have an online presence.

Contact us today to learn more about the Need-A-Sample at: 510-315-1278 or sales(at)beganto.com

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