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Wafer foundry

Integrated Circuit (IC) is the heart of the electronic industry and is the driving force of many technological progresses. The supply chain of IC devices includes IC design, mask making, IC manufacturing, assembly and testing. The supply chain spread all over the world such that IC is a trans-national industry with the characteristics of capital intensive and technology intensive.

IC designers can significantly decrease the investment risk associated with building today's extraordinarily costly manufacturing facilities. As the cost and complexity of developing and deploying leading-edge IC production technologies has escalated, foundry outsourcing has become an increasingly attractive solution.

Most websites ensnare credulous first time buyer through various means. The motto of our wafer foundry is “with integrity, innovation, focus and dedication customer trust is cemented; business is just an add-on.”

The main characteristics of our Wafer Foundry Business:

  1. Integrity with customers, vendors and employees by telling truths and maintaining an objective, consistent, and impartial attitude towards one and all.
  2. Maintaining hawk-eye focus on the core business is as epochal as anything. Distraction towards any other pursuits just means a down-grade attitude and performance of business dealings.
  3. Globalization of business, restricting your business to domestic market or any specific geographical region is a non-forward looking strategy. We know, it is important to recognize that the semiconductor business has no national boundaries, and that the competition now is not restricted to the geographical frontiers rather it now a global phenomenon
  4. Perpetual innovation is the fountainhead of the growth. Not only for wafer foundry, it is vital to all sectors of foundry business, from strategic planning to marketing, management, technology and production; thus we don’t just innovate, we innovate with intelligence.

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