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Voltage Supervisors with EEPROM Memory

As processors become more complex, ensuring proper operation becomes more involved and more is demanded from supervisory circuits. Multi-voltage supervisors provide power-on reset, proper sequencing, and continuous voltage monitoring. The lower voltage requirements in today’s state-of-the-art processors demand the use of new low-voltage monitors.

Engineers often find the circuitry system designed by them to be lot more complex, space demanding and yet falling short of their imagination because of voltage supervisors utilized. The new age voltage supervisors boast of better reliability and additional functions.

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Modern supervisors provide additional functions such as watchdog timers, manual reset input, and power fail comparators. As higher component density and processor speed demanded lower voltages for the core supply, multi-voltage systems began to appear.

EEPROM memory sizes
  • 16K EEPROM
  • 32K EEPROM
  • 64K EEPROM

Voltage Supervisors with EEPROM Memory:
Hi-tech products with have integrated the voltage supervisor function with EEPROM memory into a single-chip solution have helped designers to simplify system design, save board space and increase overall system reliability.

Supervisor functions of this device include watchdog, reset and voltage monitoring; and is combined with serial EEPROM memory sizes ranging from 2k to 64k bits. Moreover, on-chip non-volatile memory streamlines the management of threshold set-up and fine tuning to simplify manufacturing logistics, improve delivery lead times.

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