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Voltage Regulators

Not finding voltage regulators that meet up your expectations? Don’t worry, you will surely find them here. We are the largest database of voltage regulators available online through the leading voltage regulator manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Not only searching, we also facilitate you with the options of either buying voltage regulator samples or ordering voltage regulator samples for free from leading voltage regulator distributors.

Function of a voltage regulator
A voltage regulator is an electrical regulator designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level. It may use an electromechanical mechanism, or passive or active electronic components. Depending on the design, it may be used to regulate one or more AC or DC voltages.

Fluctuating voltage causes maximum damages to delicate electrical components; hence the engineers have been very cautiously confronting this issue by using high class voltage regulators in their designs. Here, at our website, engineers will find a wide spectrum of voltage regulators from stacks of online voltage regulator catalogs comprised from the leading voltage regulator brand’s Voltage Regulators manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Demand for efficient and reliable voltage regulators are always rocket high, hence we welcome those voltage regulator manufacturers, who are not listed with us. By doing so you are not only provided with the facility to interact with million of our website users but to build a network-chain of voltage regulator suppliers and distributors to expand your product reach

Products on our Voltage Regulator listings:
We don’t make false claims; we have one of the largest databases of voltage regulator listings. The enormous voltage regulator product line includes the following categories and subcategories.

  1. 3A Positive Voltage low dropout positive voltage regulators and 1.5A Positive Voltage-low dropout positive voltage regulators
  2. Bipolar 1A -are 1A low dropout positive voltage regulators.
  3. Positive Voltage -
    Subtypes available are:
    • 1A low dropout positive voltage regulators.
    • Low ESR Cap. Compatible positive voltage regulators
    • Low Power Consumption Voltage Regulator with ON/OFF Switch
  4. Large Current
    Sub-types are:
    • Large Current Positive Voltage Regulators;
    • 500mA Output Current, High Speed LDO Regulators with Thermal Shutdown Function, Ceramic
    • Capacitor Compatible
  5. High Speed LDO
    Sub-types are:
    • High Speed LDO Regulators with Output ON-OFF Control
    • High Speed LDO Regulators
    • High Speed LDO Regulators Low ESR Cap. Compatible, Output ON/OFF Control
    • High Current, High Speed LDO Regulators.
    • High Speed LDO Regulators, Low ESR Cap. Compatible, Ultra Small Package
  1. High Speed "Green Operation" LDO
  2. Stand-by Function-input Voltage 28V - Are positive voltage regulator ICs with 28V of operation voltage
  3. Low Power Supply LDO Regulators - Highly precise, low noise, positive voltage LDO regulators manufactured using CMOS processes.
  4. Boost - Group of positive output voltage regulators that can supply up to 1A of output current using an external transistor. Low power and high accuracy are achieved through CMOS process and laser trimming technologies.
  5. Negative Voltage -Manufactured using CMOS and laser trimming technologies. The series achieves high output currents with small input-output voltage differentials.
  6. Reference Voltage Source - Highly precise, low power consumption, positive voltage regulators, for voltage reference source, manufactured using CMOS and laser trimming technologies.
  7. Dual LDO - low output noise, high ripple rejection ratio, low dropout and very fast turn-on times.
  8. VD attached - High Current, High Speed LDO Regulators, Voltage Detector Function
  9. Dual Positive Voltage -High Current Dual Positive Regulator
  10. Dual Voltage Regulator
  11. Dual LDO Regulators with ON/OFF Switch- Highly accurate, dual, low noise, CMOS LDO voltage regulators.
  12. Low Power Supply -Highly precise, low noise, positive voltage LDO regulators manufactured using CMOS processes.
  13. Low Voltage Input LDO Voltage Regulators -The series is suited for the application which requires low dropout voltage operation.
  14. 28V Operation High Speed Stand-by Function-Positive voltage regulator ICs manufactured using CMOS process with 28V of operation voltage.
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