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Voltage Detectors

Is your design or your device fitted with the right voltage detector? if you have been searching for the best voltage detector for your design needs then let us help you out in this as we have the largest database of voltage detectors for online sale. This enormous database is the result of months of painful compilation of online catalogs from the leading voltage detector suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

What does a voltage detector do?
Voltage detectors are the ICs that keep a watch over the input voltage and the moment the voltage drops below the set value it raises an alarm. Therefore it protects the battery as well as your valuable equipments if the input voltage comes from rechargeable battery.

On our websites engineers can perform online search to find reliable voltage detectors from the leading voltage detectors manufacturer, suppliers and distributors. The large swelling database of the voltage detectors is the result of months of our endeavor. But simple search enabling is not the USP of our website, engineers can also request for sample voltage detectors through our website.

Voltage detector’s suppliers, manufacturers and distributors can enjoy the benefit of conjoining sales with sales promotion, as most of the engineers today like to test a sample of the voltage detectors for their prototype before ordering them in bulk. We are one of the leading website which provides it users with the facility to order free or buy electronic component samples from leading electronic component distributors, suppliers and manufacturers. In short we provide exactly what the potential buyers generally wish for. For example if the engineers wish to order free voltage detector samples or buy voltage detector samples, we provide them with the straight one-button-click solution to this demand.

They are high-precision, low current consumption voltage detectors with manual reset input and watchdog functions incorporating CMOS process technology. The ICs produce two types of output; VDFL (low when detected) and VDFH (high when detected) and comes with manual reset function to assert it anytime

Available variants:

  • Voltage detector with manual reset option
    Type- Watchdog Functions
  • Voltage Detector with Separated Sense Pin & Delay Capacitor Pin
    Type- External Delay Type Capacitor
  • Voltage Detector with External Delay Type Capacitor
    Type-low power consumption
  • Highly Accurate, Ultra Small, Low Power Consumption Voltage Detector
    Type-Watchdog, ON/OFF Function
  • Voltage Detector with Watchdog Function and ON/OFF Control
    Type-Highly Accurate, Ultra Small, Low Power Consumption
  • 2-Channel Voltage Detectors
    Type-2 Channel
  • Low Voltage Detectors
    Type-Low Voltage
  • Standard Voltage Detectors
    Type-Standard Voltage
  • Voltage Detectors, Delay Circuit Built-In
    Type-Delay Built-In
    Type-Ultra small package
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