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Video ICs

Regretting the time wasted in online search of good, efficient and compatible Video ICs? Then don’t regret now, since you have ended up on the right place. This website is rich with the best video ICs catalogs collected from the leading Video IC manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

HDTV and high resolution RGB signals have almost cemented their position in the market. This booming market for them resulted in the supplementary increment in the demand of video ICs too. Design engineers make it a point to test the compatibility levels of all the Video ICs; understanding this, our website provide design engineers with the complete information about each and every video ICs listed with us on our online catalogs of Video ICs.

We bet that the quality video ICs that you will find from online search of video ICs on our website will be the best and most trusted brands of video ICs available for online sale.

There are hundred of web marketing services available online, and they are effective too; but the best way to get closer to the target audience is by getting closer to their frequented places; and with over 45000 registered users, our website is the place you should rely on. Video IC manufacturers, suppliers and distributors should jump on to clinch this opportunity to associate and align with the leading chain of online video IC manufacturers, supplier, distributors and buyers.

Our database consists of more than 120 products under the category of Video ICs. We know it would be laborious for you to search through each of the 120+ products listed with us, so to facilitate you more, we have further categorized them into:

1. Video Amplifier
Near about 35 variants in this category of product line is listed with us. The prominent features are:

• Wide Operating Voltage (4.85V to 9.0V)
• Dual Channel
• Internal Clamp Function
• Internal Driver Circuit For 75Ω Load
• SAG Corrective Function
• Wide Frequency Range (7MHz)
• Low Operating Current (14.0mA (Dual))
• Bipolar Technology
• Selected Models with 6dB amplifier and Internal gain switch

2. Video Switch
• Operating Voltage (V+ = +4.75V to +13V)
• 3 Input-1 Output
• Internal Clamp Function (VIN1)
• Internal Luminance Signal Control Function (VIN2,VIN3)
• Crosstalk (70dB (at 4.43MHz))
• Wide Frequency Range
• Bipolar Technology
• Selected models with additional features such as 6dB Amplifier, 75 ohms driver, LPF (low pass filters)

3. Synchronous Signal Separator and Detector
• Operating Voltage (+4.5 to +5.3V)
• Internal AFC circuit (Horizontal sync. signal)
• Internal 1 / 2 fH Killer Function
• Models with key features like AFC Circuit/Field Discrimination Function/Count Down Circuit / Sync. Signal Detection Circuit
• Internal Field Discrlainat Function
• Bipolar Technology

4. Signal Processor for TFT Display
• Internal two systems input for analog RGB
• Internal synchronous separate circuit
• Internal black level insertion circuit (Use for aspect ratio change)
• Internal Gamma 2-point correction circuit
• Internal Color TFT Common Pole Driver
• Bipolar technology
• Models With key features such as NTSC/PAL matching/Internal synchronous separate circuit/Internal black level insertion circuit (Use for aspect ratio change)/Y/C Separating Circuit/Count-down Circuit.

5. Others
This category includes Video signal superimposer, video IC for quality improvement of the video, picture noise reducer IC, video display convertive integrated circuit, Integrated circuits of motor drive for video camera, video sub-carrier signal doubler/tripler, chroma signal hue tint controller, single isolation amplifier

Key feature:
• Sync. Signal Separating circuit
• Vertical Synchronous Reproduce Circuit
• Through/ Picture Enhancer Switch
• Noise Reduce/ Picture Enhancer Switch
• AFC Circuit
• Doubler/Tripler Switch
• Maximum Oscillation Frequency 20MHz
• Internal Variable Capacitor, Dead Band Circuit
• NTSC/PAL Matching, 8-color Super Imposer
• REC/Playback Switch
• Sync-tip Clamp
• Small Package

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