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VCXOs (Voltage controlled crystal oscillators)

A voltage-controlled oscillator or VCO is an electronic oscillator specially designed to be controlled in fluctuation frequency by a voltage input. It includes a varactor diode and linked circuitry allows the frequency to change. It offers Connor-Winfield's extensive resonator production uses.

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  • It has high volume, high reliability CMOS VCXO.
  • Compact and low in height.
  • Wide frequency range; frequency stability
  • decoupling capacitor built-in
  • Cellular Base Station & GPS Navigation System
  • Uses in Mobile communication equipment.
  • Absolute Pull Range Performance to 100 ppm
  • Commercial and Industrial Temperature Range

Every product design has to be tested in order to determine its actual standards of functioning. Any glitches are to be avoided in order to the most superior and reliable product. Design engineers have to test the product and test its efficiency at various temperature, pressure, voltage level etc. Temperature and voltage are two such factors which led to the development of crystal oscillators like TCXOs and VCXOs.

An engineer uses voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) when the frequency of operation needs to be adjusted only finely. Thus there are two reasons for using a VCXO:

  • To adjust the output frequency to match (or perhaps be some exact multiple of) an accurate external reference.
  • Where the oscillator drives equipment that may generate radio-frequency interference, adding a varying voltage to its control input can disperse the interference spectrum to make it less objectionable.

Until and unless engineers find the right kind of VXCO for his design he can never estimate and test the actual potential of the prototype. Engineers spent hours and even days searching for the VCXO they require. But now through us, engineers have the solution at their bay. All the leading brands of voltage controlled crystal oscillators are available online through our website, this offer one-stop solution for the engineers to transform their designs into prototypes.

We have different categories of VCXOs listed on our online catalogs; they are broadly divided into Surface Mount VCXOs and Thru-Hole VCXOs.

Thru-Hole VCXOs:

• 3.3V or 5.0V Operation
• Low Power Consumption
• Operation
• HCMOS/TTL Output
• Rugged Resistance Weld

Surface Mount VCXOs:
These are available in two broad types- XPRESSO and standard type.
• 2.5 V and 3.3 V models
• XTREMELY Low Jitter
• Low Cost
• XPRESS Delivery
• Frequency Resolution to six decimal places
• Absolute Pull Range (APR) of ±50ppm
• -20 to +70°C or -40 to +85°C operating temperatures
• Tri-State Enable / Disable Feature
• Industry Standard Package, Footprint & Pin-Out
• Fully RoHS compliant
• Gold over Nickel Termination Finish
• Serial ID with Comprehensive Traceability
• ANY application requiring an oscillator
• Ethernet
• Storage Area Network
• Broadband Access
• Microprocessors / DSP / FPGA
• Industrial Controllers
• Test and Measurement Equipment
• Fiber Channel

• 3.3V Operation
• Enable/Disable
• Tape and Reel (2,000 pcs. STD)

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