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UltraJax RJ Connectors

Searching for a multi-application RJ? Let us give you a synonym to your search- ULTRAJAX. We are the largest database providers of ULTRAJAX. Potential buyers can order free ULTRAJAX samples or buy ULTRAJAX samples from the leading ULTRAJAX distributors spread in different parts of the world, but who are connected through our vast network of electronic components.

ULTRAJAX is the new multipurpose, multi-application interface to the old conventional register jacks (RJ). Hence the engineers have been in fast adopting this small innovative product into their designs for the various advantages it offers. This website provides the user with the bets ULTRAJAX available for online sale.

Electronic component is a sector which is hardly ever going to die; it’s ever expanding. Hence the utmost requirement is entry of more players into this field to make it more competitive. Our wide transnational networks will provide electronic component manufacturers, supplier and distributors with grater opportunities to develop and grow together by forming a incredibly vital and strong supply, marketing and distribution chain.

A RJ which is an acronym for registered jack is a standardized physical interface--both jack construction and wiring pattern--for connecting telecommunications equipment or computer networking equipment to a service provided by a local exchange carrier or, sometimes, a long distance carrier.

UltraJaX is a Multi-Function RJ Connector including:

  • A RJ11/RJ45 Combination Connector
  • A High Density RJ Connector with Double the Contacts
  • A High-Speed Gigabit Connector
  • A Combination USB and RJ11/RJ45 Connector
  • A RJ45 Networking Port and a Device Test Port in One Connector
  • An S-Video and RJ45/RJ11 Multi-Function Connector
  • A Dual RJ11/RJ11 or RJ45/RJ45 or RJ11/RJ45 Wallplate

Key advantages of the UltraJax Plus connectors:

  • One UltraJax equals two RJ45 connectors.
  • Space saving, cost effective and cost saving
  • Reduces cable required
  • Adapters available in al size and colors
  • Simplified designs
  • Best solutions for PoE- Power over Ethernet
  • Compatible with existing RJ45, RJ11 and USB cables etc.
  • Superior resistance to moisture and liquids
  • Elimination of traditional RJ connector’s spring action contact pins.
  • Uses no metal parts inside the connector except for contact pads on a printed circuit board inside the UltraJax Plus insertion cavity.
  • The printed circuit board design feature increases the mating cycle rate of the connector
  • The contact pads on the printed circuit board of the UltraJax Plus are chemically treated to reduce the risk to corrosion.
  • The UltraJax Plus female connectors can have chemical coating and the contact pads also can have a high density nickel and gold plating.
  • The UltraJax Plus connectors have the protection features of many sealed connectors which have resistance levels to solid materials and resistance to liquid contaminants.
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