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Temperature Sensors

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Temperature sensors are device that ascertain temperature by physical characteristics like electric resistance, EMF i.e. electromagnetic field or thermal radiations.

The silicon bandage temperature sensor is an extremely common form of temperature sensor (thermometer) used in electronic equipment. Its main advantage is that it can be included in a silicon integrated circuit at very low cost.

Our online directory has the following Temperature sensors listed for online sale:

CMOS Temperature Sensor: bandgap type temperature sensor
They are ultra small CMOS temperature sensor ICs. As a bandgap type temperature sensor is built-into them, linearity is much better in comparison to thermistor-type temperature sensors.

• Operating temperature range is from -30 to +80 degrees
• Comes in a mini molded SOT-25, USP-6B package with a quiescent current of only 10mA (2.0V)
• Suitable for use with various portable devices.
• Output voltage is selectable in 0.1V steps within a range of 2.0V to 6.0V (at 25degrees).

• Mobile phones
• Portable AV equipment
• Palm top computers, PDAS
• Battery powered equipment

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