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Switches Encoders

Switches cover a wide range of types, from subminiature up to industrial plant switching megawatts of power on high voltage distribution lines. In applications where multiple switching options are required (e.g., a telephone service), mechanical switches have long been replaced by electronic switching devices which can be automated and intelligently controlled.

Empowering you to search and buy the best encoders for your electronic components- this is our motto. And thus we provide you with the most accessible and user friendly website which facilitates you to find switches from our online database. There are n-number of sellers and distributors of Switches encoders, but through us you get to the most reliable, economical and branded electronic switches listings.

Potential customers can be reached with the simple mechanism of type, click and connect. It’s as simple as that. An interconnected network of most trusted name of online switch suppliers and distributors makes your electronic switch and encoder search easier by a thousand fold. With associating with us you also get the stock-wise details available for sale by online switches Encoders suppliers and distributors.

We have the following long list of switches and encoder that are available with online available stock status.

1. Detector switches
Most superior grade of switches which are extensively used for detecting media insertion in DVD players/recorders and CD-ROM drives, for detecting mechanisms in mini component stereos, CD players, car AV equipment and laser printers and for detecting main units in battery chargers for mobile phones and digital still cameras.

2. Push switches
Our push switches are comprehensively used in cameras, digital still cameras, digital camcorders, compact mobile phones and mobile phones with cameras, for mode switching in flat panel TVs, set top boxes, notebook PCs, electronic instruments, measuring devices and various low-profile devices, for in-car components, home appliances, measuring devices and other electronic devices and for volume controlling, mode changing and cursor control in car AV equipment, car navigation systems etc.

3. Slide switches
Extremely stylish yet highly efficient in functionality; they are used for mode selections in digital cameras, camcorders, memory cards, headphone player, PC’s, mixing consoles, electronic instruments, health appliances and electronic mosquito repellents etc.

4. Rotary switches
Extensively used in digital cameras, still cameras, map lamps in car, transistors and many other gadgets. These are one of the finest tuned to perfection switches which are definitely one step ahead in obedient functionality.

5. Encoders:
The most efficient and trusted class of encoders, developed for delivering the optimum results every time they function. They are used in several electronic components for various types of controlling. They are extensively used and preferred by engineers for controlling volume in car AV equipment, volume and menu selection in car navigation systems and various in-car components where less mounting surface is required, for various types of controlling in DVD players/recorders, mini component stereos, CD players, portable audio players and various AV equipment and for level controlling in transceivers and industrial wireless radios.

6. Power switches:
Power switches which are crafted to perfection for imparting up-to-mark performance. They are used in numerous appliances like devices that require a long-stroke detection, e.g., refrigerators' door position, air conditioners' filters, and parlors, for detecting the door position of (CFC-free) refrigerators, microwave hood, used in washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, kerosene fan heaters, PCs, printers and peripheral devices, FAX machines, photo copiers, Image/sound devices, including DVD players, LCD players, STBs, and peripheral devices and CD-ROM drives and many more.

7. Dual In-line Package Type Switches:
IC size type switches with gold contact and excellent performance assurance, supports automatic insertion. Engineers choice for switching the voltage of telephones, configuring computer terminal devices, terminal adapters and printers, setting product prices in vending machines, programming game machines, measuring devices etc.

8. Multi control devices:
A multi functional device, geared to provide superb performance is used for volume and cursor control in car AV equipment and car navigation systems, for various input control in general consumer products and their remote controls remote controllers, for various portable electronic devices - mobile phones and personal digital assistants and for operating various digital devices.

9. TACT Switch™:
These switches are available in two broad types- sharp feeling and soft feeling. The sharp feeling TACT switches™ have sub class of snap-in, surface mount and radial. The TACT switches™ are used for various operation in audio equipment, office devices, communication devices, measuring devices, TVs, VCRs, portable audio, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, notebook PCs and various operation in digitalized devices like car AV equipment, car navigation systems and keyless entry systems etc.

10. Custom-products Contact Sheet(TM):
The most efficient and superlative class of contact sheets are available in single and double sheet type. Their exceptionally high quality performance makes them the best among its race. They are extensively used in Mobile phone, Portable terminal, Portable audio, etc.

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