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Serial EEPROMs

Most common serial interface types are SPI, I²C and 1-Wire. These three interfaces require between 2 and 4 controls signals for operation, resulting in a memory device in an 8 pin (or less) package. The serial EEPROM typically operates in three phases: OP-Code Phase, Address Phase and Data Phase. Each EEPROM device typically has its own set of OP-Code instructions to map to different functions.

Serial EEPROM Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of the most prominent brands of are listed on our website with feature-wise analysis of all the products. They all reap the benefit of being associated with our vast network connecting engineers, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of serial EEPROM.

Some of the common operations on SPI EEPROM devices are:

  • Write Enable (WREN)
  • Write Disable (WRDI)
  • Read Status Register (RDSR)
  • Write Status Register (WRSR)
  • Read Data (READ)
  • Write Data (WRITE)
    Other operations supported by some EEPROM devices are:
  • Program
  • Sector Erase
  • Chip Erase commands

Engineers searching for serial EEPROM or E2PROM, as popularly known, find a tough time deciding the right EEPROM to be used to lubricate their design’s efficiency and functioning. On our website we have elaborated catalogs of most prominent EEPROM currently available and used in the industry which make serial EEPROM search an easy task

Serial EEPROM:
Serial EEPROMs listed with us are compatible with popular industry bus protocols: I²C™, Microwire™ and SPI™.
Some of the prominent features of our listed serial EEPROMs of our catalogs are:

  • They are offered in high density, 1K to 256K.
  • We have 4-wire bus interface products and secure access designed devices for applications requiring security lock for data protection.
  • Serial EEPROMs that are specified over the entire voltage range of 1.8V to 6.0V at the automotive temperature extremes.

Serial EEPROM products are used in many applications to store user reconfigurable data. Common applications are disk drives, modems, cellular phones, VCRs, CD players, hearing aids, PCMCIA cards, cordless phones, laser printers, computers and pagers.

We have the following serial EEPROMs listed with us:

  • Application Specific Standard Products
  • I²C Bus with Low Standby Current, Full Array Write Protection
  • I²C Bus with Low Standby Current, Partial Array Write Protection
  • Microwire Bus
  • SPI Bus with Low Standby Current (Mitsubishi Compatible)
  • SPI Bus with Low Standby Current (Motorola Compatible)
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