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RF Devices

RF devices have long ago made in-road to the generic public life. High-end industrial demand has forced the proliferation of RF devices into another stratosphere. Further advancement of the communication needs have resulted into constant development of distinctive RF devices. More and more of RF devices are being developed daily by RF Devices manufacturers, which are accorded with enhanced features to outsmart the competitors

We set the stage for commerce with the biggest and the most prominent suppliers and distributors of RF providing with mammoth database of online RF device suppliers and distributors. Other website beguiles the potential customers off their valuable time, but our intelligible website gives you detailed list of the RF device manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

The most comprehensive catalog of RF components available online are updated on a regular basis so that none of the visitors are robbed of the pleasure of being at par with the light-speed advancing technological changes.

We have the following RF devices listed on our website:

Home Use RF Devices:
We have an elaborate list of top class home use RF devices like Digital Terrestrial/CATV Universal Tuner, Digital Terrestrial Tuner DVB-S2 Digital BS Tuner Unit with Internal Demodulator and Home Use FM/AM Tuner.

They are in huge demand for TVs, VCRs, set top boxes, PCs, DVD players/recorders, DVD-S2 format satellite digital broadcasts, micro component stereos, radio cassettes, audio receivers, various multifunctional compact audio devices, mini component stereos and various multifunctional audio devices.

Automotive Use RF Devices:
These automotive RF devices stands out in their performance have genuinely earned the trust of the engineers of the navigation systems and other associated components. Our list includes following models-Automotive Use 4 Diversity TV Tuner for Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting, TV Tuner for Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting (1segment) for Automotive Use, Film Antenna for Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting for Automotive Use, FM/AM Tuner for HD Radio™ (IBOC), FM/AM Tuner for Radio DSP and Automotive Use FM/AM Analog Tuner for Worldwide.

They all are most sought after RF devices for in-car TVs, portable and car navigation systems, home audio and car audio equipment etc.

Communication Use RF Devices:
These ultra advance communication RF devices are available in the following types-Bluetooth™ Module (HCI Type), Bluetooth™ Module (All in one type), IEEE802.11a/b/g (Combination Type), IEEE802.11b/g (Small Type) Communication Module, Transceiver Unit for Digital Cordless Telephone.

They are extensively used in Mobile phones, Audio streaming devices, PCs, Personal digital assistants, printers, terminal adaptors, digital still cameras, digital camcorders, printers, and other peripheral equipment, modems and high-speed wireless LAN equipment 2.4GHz digital cordless telephones and other peripheral devices.

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