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RF and Microwave Device

RF and Microwave Device is a dynamic and vast product line; hence it is obvious why most design engineers are vexed on being confronted with many of those electronic component search engines which hardly generates relevant results. but this website will be truly refreshing experience for all the users because its not only the largest database provider of electronic components but simultaneously provides the potential customers with the option of buying electronic component samples or ordering electronic component RF and Microwave Device samples from the leading electronic component distributors.

Leave behind those search engines who just claim to be the best electronic component search engines but on every component search they just beat around the bushes and give you anything but what you searched for. We are genuine electronic component database providers and aim at the highest standards of customer service possible. That is why any kind of RF and Microwave Device can be easily searched and ordered through our vast transnational network of RF and Microwave Devices manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. You can even buy RF and Microwave Device samples or order free RF and Microwave Device samples as per your needs from the leading RF and Microwave Device distributors.

Conjoining swiftness with intelligent networking is the prime reason why in the short span of our existence we have over 45000 of REGISTERED users and million of unregistered ones. This is the right place for any RF and Microwave Device Supplier, or be it any other electronic component manufacturer, to build lasting corporate relations with the leading RF and Microwave Device suppliers and distributors.

RF and Microwave Devices:
The large database has been categorized into the following categories and sub-categories:

1. IC
An integrated circuit (also known as IC, microcircuit, microchip, silicon chip, or chip) is a miniaturized electronic circuit (consisting mainly of semiconductor devices, as well as passive components) that has been manufactured in the surface of a thin substrate of semiconductor material. The following sub categories of IC products are included in our electronic component database:

  • AGC Amp.
  • Down-converter
  • Driver Amp.
  • I/Q Modulator, I/Q Demodulator
  • PLL Synthesizer
  • Prescaler
  • DPDT Switch, SPDT Switch, IF Switch
  • Up-converter
  • Wide Band Amp.
  • Power Amp.
  • Low Noise Amp.(LNA)up
  • Transceiver IC
  • Low Noise Amp. (Low Frequency Use)

2. Discrete
Large numbers of discrete devices are available in our lineup like Transistors, Diodes and Thyristors. They are divided into the following sub-categories:

  • Low Noise Bip. Tr.
  • SiGeHBT
  • Twin Tr.
  • Low Noise GaAs FET, HBT, HJ-FET
  • Power Tr./FET
  • Low Noise MOS FET (Low Frequency Use)

3. MCM

  • Push-pull Amp.
    Application: CATV transmission line, Push-pull Amp.
  • Power Doubler Amp.
    Application: CATV transmission line, Power Doubler Amp.
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