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Quartz crystals

Quartz crystals are broadly used in electronics circuits for high quality tuned circuits and are used in application such microprocessor boards, in digital watches, and traditionally used in radio frequency applications. Virtually all quartz crystal used for electronics was cultured rather than natural crystal. In an electronic circuit, it acts as a tuned circuit.

Due to its mass application in electronic applications, engineers prefer to incorporate the latest model in their designs. We have compiled the database of the most reputed brands of quartz crystals available in the market, both online and terrestrial, on our website. This online network, connecting different manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of quartz crystals, provide easy access to the latest available models for sale.

Our associates who are well known name in the field of electronic industry for their quartz crystals are generally astounded by the business they started to gather ever since they chose to be a vital link in our network.

Distributors often are disturbed by their shackled business reach. Through our wide network spanning different countries of the world, covering branded name of the industry for their quartz crystals, the suppliers and the producers were able to pump-up and crossover the terrestrial frontiers of business.

Electronic-grade quartz crystal was essential for making filters, frequency controls, and timers in electronic circuits employed for a wide range of products, such as communications equipment, computers, and many consumer goods like television receivers and electronic games.


  • It warm up very fast to stabilize frequency.
  • Low Steady State Power
  • Small in size.
  • Temperature stability.
  • Analog or Digital Interface
  • Ideal for portable applications
  • Used for portable devices, like telecommunication.
  • Crystal Removable for easy replacement

Our database has the largest and most prominent brands and types of quartz crystals available in the market. The salient features are:

• Low Cost
• Stocking Standard
• High Frequency Range
• Fundamental
• Resistance Weld

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