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Proadlizer (Conductive Polymer Decoupling Device)

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Conductive Polymer Decoupling Device
A decoupling capacitor is a capacitor used to decouple one part of an electrical network (circuit) from another. Noise caused by other circuit elements is shunted through the capacitor reducing the effect they have on the rest of the circuit. An alternative name is bypass capacitor as it is used to bypass the power supply or other high impedance component of a circuit. The Proadlizer is a Conductive Polymer Decoupling Device that uses highly conductive polymer electrolytic material.



  • Endurance: 1,000 hours at 105C
  • The function of two or more capacitors is integrated.
  • Super low ESR, impedance and high heat resistance have been obtained be using conductive polymer as electrolyte.
  • Excellent noise absorption performance at GHz frequency.
  • Use by three terminal (Feed-Through) type is possible.
  • Case size range: F25
  • Rated voltage range: 2 to 2.5Vdc
  • Capacitance: 1,200MF
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