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Power management devices

Power efficiency is the most critical factors in determining the efficiency and functionality of a product, in today’s market. While customers look for maximum power efficiency and less battery usage in products like mobile and PDAs, less power consuming and heat dissipating data centers and server farms are increasingly in demand by the electronic industry.

Engineers time to time re-design and develop newer designs to meet the increasing demands of the market and industry. As the demand for the next- generation electronic equipments are increasing, engineers are in constant pressure to develop designs that will tightfisted about power consumption yet not compromise with the performance and newer features.

To develop such product they should be coherently supplemented with power management devices. The best way to search for a product from the power management devices manufacturers, suppliers and distributors who ace the development and selling of power management devices, is through our online search. The interconnected network of these leaders ensures the best components for your designs.

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Power Management Devices: Transistors, Diodes, Regulators
A fully integrated, power-aware PC in which each device is power-managed individually will deliver the increased battery life, decreased power consumption, and increased system availability that users expect. We have 3 basic categories of power management devices for online sale, acquired from our associate’s online product catalogs.

Wide range of semiconductor products to drive high-power signals, control high voltages and currents, regulate power-supply voltages and prevent damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). This extensive lineup focuses on key advantages such as small package size and low power consumption.

Highlights include:

Low-voltage power MOSFETs
These products benefit from sophisticated assembly technology and an innovative 0.25-micron wafer fabrication process – the finest process in the power device world.

ESD protection diodes (Diodes)
Unique bidirectional diodes protect against both positive and negative surges while minimizing package size.

Low-dropout voltage regulators (Regulators)
These CMOS devices minimize power consumption for a wide range of supply voltages. Some products include an on/off function. Others provide high-precision output voltages.

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