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We facilitate buyers, design and maintenance engineers with comprehensive ranges of potentiometers supported with flexible and multifaceted pay channels and delivery options corresponding to their requirements. We offer you with all varieties of potentiometers; be it flat, knob or driver type potentiometers. You demand and we will have it!

At last engineers can find a place where the need to put little labor to find the potentiometers suiting their electronic component needs. Why go to somewhere else when you can find the world class products from distributors and suppliers of potentiometers from all over the world under one roof?

Metal shaft potentiometers:
We have top-class metal shaft potentiometers with varying features customized to give the top-notch support. Designed to boost the efficiency of your electrical products, these metal shafts can be searched on various parameters such as type, operating direction, number of resistor elements, total resistance and resistance taper.

Insulated metal shafts:
Extensive varieties of insulated metal shafts for various types of control in mini component stereos, portable audio, game controllers, speaker systems and various audio equipment are available with us.

Hollow type potentiometers
We also have hollow type potentiometers designed to perfection for adjusting temperature, fan speed and switching modes in car air conditioners. It’s the engineers demand for the car navigation systems and car audio equipment

Knob Operating Type Potentiometers
Knob operating type potentiometers produced by us are the bets of engineers for volume and tone control in CD players, MD players, and portable audio equipment and for controlling volume and tone in game consoles and flat panel TVs.

Slide potentiometers
Hybrid technological implementation resultant slide potentiometers are diversely functional. They can be used for various types of controls in mixing consoles, mini component stereos, electronic musical instruments, heaters, dimmers, wipers, in-car accessories, intercoms, fan heaters, electric carpets and various audio equipment. They are also extensively used for controlling volume and image quality in telephones, intercoms, flat panel TVs, personal digital assistants, PCs and printers for digital still cameras and compact game consoles.

Slide Potentiometers for Fader Control of Mixers
Our slide potentiometers are designed for studio mixing consoles with high precision characteristics and ensure superior track ability and excellent operational feel. They are best available components in the market and are used for master volume in high-end audio and faders for studio mixing consoles and for fade control in lighting consoles.

Multi Control Devices
They promise to provide you with superior operational feeling, free from gaps in operating directions and are ideal for finger-tip operation. They are designed to be user and engineer friendly; best for application in remote controllers for audio systems and TVs and for game controllers and electronic toy controllers thus making it one of its class.

Resistive Sensors (Rotary Type)
High end designed resistive sensors are used in rotation detecting sensors in car air conditioners, projectors, digital still cameras and photo copiers, joint angle detections in robots, for controls on the onboard control panel in car for control of home appliances, digital video cameras, car navigation systems and for detection of rotation angles.

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