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Parallel EEPROMs

Parallel EEPROM devices normally have 8-bit data bus and an address bus which is wide enough to cover the entire memory. Most devices have chip-select and write-protect pins; some microcontrollers also have integrated parallel EEPROM. The main feature of this device is that communication with the device is done through a parallel interface, which results in a high system clock rate

These are bigger in size compared to serial EPROMs due to the higher pin count (28 pins or more) and that is why, even though operation of a parallel EEPROM is simple and fast compared to serial EEPROM, these devices been decreasing in popularity in favor of serial EEPROM or Flash.

Many design engineers find it difficult to procure theses parallel due the market and industrial shift favoring the serial EEPROMs. Our website is a source of solace to many such engineers. We have the most sought after parallel EEPROMs available online for sale. The largest database of parallel EEPROMs with elaborated features and exclusive designs and functions is incorporated to our user friendly website.

Manufacturers are privileged to avail the benefits of being connected to the largest online network of suppliers, distributors and design engineers trading in Parallel EEPROMs. They can transcend geographical boundaries and extract businesses to multiply their turnover using our online network constituting of suppliers and distributors of electronic components.

Parallel EEPROM Supplier and distributors can create a global market for their products and deal in multiparty transactions at the same time. Our standards require the suppliers and distributors to update their product and its stock availability on regular intervals, to ensure that they don’t loss any of the prospective business.

Our website offers both standard 5 volt-only and 3.3 volt-only parallel EEPROMs to meet battery operated application requirements. Parallel EEPROMS ranging from 16Kbit to 512Kbit densities are available for online sale through our website. You can even check the stock availability of each product along with its detailed features. We have around three models of 3.3 Volt parallel EEPROM and near about 8 models of the 5 volt parallel EEPROM listed on the website with us.

These Parallel EEPROMs are used in applications such as

  • POS terminals
  • Industrial controllers
  • LAN adapters
  • Telecommunication switches
  • Cellular phones and modems.
  • Automotive Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Computer Systems
  • Consumer Systems
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