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NVRAM (Non-volatile random access memory)

Non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM) is the general name used to describe any type of random access memory which does not lose its information when power is turned off. This is in contrast to the most common forms of random access memory today, DRAM and SRAM, which both require continual power in order to maintain their data. NVRAM is a subgroup of the more general class of non-volatile memory types, the difference being that NVRAM devices offer random access, like hard disks.

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Our online catalogs of NVRAMs consist of diverse models with exclusive features. NVRAMs consist of an SRAM and an EEPROM incorporated onto a single semiconductor die. NVRAMs provide superior performance over other NVM products and serve applications that require high-speed read/write operations with non-volatile memories, including parallel processing controllers for LANs and antilock braking systems.

Features of the listed NVRAMs for online sale are:

  • Single 5V Supply
  • Models with Fast RAM Access Times i.e. 200ns or 300ns
  • Infinite EEPROM to RAM Recall
  • CMOS and TTL Compatible I/O
  • Power Up/Down Protection
  • 100,000 Program/Erase Cycles (E2PROM)
  • Low CMOS Power Consumption models:
  • JEDEC Standard Pinouts:
  • –18-pin DIP
  • –16-pin SOIC
  • 10 Year Data Retention
  • Commercial, Industrial and Automotive Temperature Ranges
  • "Green" Package Options Available

Apart from these some models have exclusive features such as:

  • Power Up/Down Protection
  • 10 Year Data Retention
  • –8-pin DIP
  • –8-pin SOIC
  • 100,000 Program/Erase Cycles (EEPROM)
  • Auto Recall on Power-up
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