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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

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Multi-Layer ceramic capacitors
Ceramic generally means that an inorganic polycrystalline body is formed by sintering at high temperatures. By means of special production methods, extremely thin layers of ceramic materials can be obtained. These layers are stacked to construct capacitors whose electrical and mechanical properties meet stringent requirements. The Multi-Layer ceramic capacitor consists of a monolithic ceramic block with comb-like sintered electrodes. These electrodes come to the surface at the face ends of the ceramic block where an electrical contact is made by burnt-in metallic layers.

The Multi-Layer ceramic capacitor database has been categorized further to make your search easier. The categories are:

Based on the type

  • Chin type
  • Metal cap type
  • Radial lead type


  • Large capacitance and high ripple current capability
  • Main lineup from 16-250V DC
  • Metal cap type can also be mounted on an aluminum metallic substrate
  • Flexibility corresponds to various custom specifications


  • Smoothing of DC/DC converter on telecom base station
  • For radio noise absorption of automotive equipments.
  • For noise absorption of various industrial equipments.
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