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Motor ICs

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For those who need a bit of preface with the term motor ICs we would be glad to impart the information in a very brief manner. A motor controller is a device that provides or facilitates accurate control of a motor, which is an essential ingredient of any motion control application. A motor controller IC is simply a motor controller in integrated circuit form.

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Motor ICs
There are various kinds of motors used in various kinds of industry today, all of which can now be controlled by one type of motor controller IC or another. Commonly used types of motors include the DC motor, the stepper motor, and the servo motor, each of which has many variants of its own. The type of input required and output provided by an IC motor controller depends on the type of motor it controls; though some advanced motor controller IC's can control several different types of motors.

Our database consists of all the prominent types and brands of ICs available from the leading IC motor manufacturers and suppliers. The following types of motor ICs are available with us:

1. DC Brush Motor
This is integrated circuits with wide operating supply voltage range for DC motor speed control. Especially suited for the applications requiring low staturation output voltage.


  • Operating Voltage (1.8V to 8V)
  • Internal Low Saturation Voltage Output Transistor
  • Bipolar Technology

2. DC Brushless Motor
FAN Motor: This is a two phase unipolar DC brushes motor pre-driver IC. It features high voltage bipolar technology so that the driver works up to 48V. High voltage operation delivers more power and improves power supply efficiency. Therefore it is suitable for high voltage fan motor applications.


  • Operating Supply Voltage (VCC=4 to 55V)
  • Absolute Maximum Voltage (60V)
  • Internal Lock Protection /Auto Protection Release Circuit
  • Lock Alarm Output Terminal
  • Bipolar Technology

General Motor: This is a 3-phase brushless DC motor pre-driver which requires external power-transistors suited to drive current of the motor. The Run Enable function is used as PWM control besides of ON/OFF switched function.


  • Operating Voltage Range (V+=4.5V to 18V)
  • Low Operating Current
  • Run Enable
  • Forward or Reverse Direction
  • Output Switch Current (90mA typ.)
  • Bipolar Technology

3. Stepper Motor
This is a general-purpose 60V dual H-bridge drive IC. It consists of a pair of H-bridges a thermal shut down circuit and its alarm output. The alarm output can detect application problems and the system reliability will be significantly improved if monitored by Micro Processor. Therefore it is suitable for two-phase stepper motor application driven by microprocessor.


  • Wide Operating Voltage Range (4V to 60V)
  • Wide Range of Current Control (5 to 1500mA)
  • Thermal overload Protection
  • Dead Band Protector
  • Bipolar Technology

4. Actuator
This is a bipolar universal high-current highly protected low side driver with transparent input and 2000mA continuous -current sink capability. A high-level input activates the output. The driver is equipped with extensive electrical protection; such as over current protection and thermal protection which makes the device virtually indestructible. Furthermore it can detect open circuit and short circuit to ground. A special feature is the Error indicating output function pin which signals to the host system if the protection or the load check functions is activated.


  • Continuous Output Current (2000mA)
  • Short circuit to VCC protection
  • Error signal to host system
  • Open circuit detection
  • Short circuit to ground detection
  • Internal Thermal Shutdown Circuit
  • Built-in protection diodes
  • Bipolar Technology
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