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With the advent of faster communication technique, came the rise of various models of mobiles, and each time with innovation their size and weight has declined considerably. Engineers thus try to find electronic components processed with hybrid technologies to meet their design requirements. On this website we provide you with the most comprehensive electronic components from the leading Mobile manufacturers, supplier and distributors that will definitely match up with what you expect but deliver even more than your expectations.

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With 3G technology fast invading the hearts of the consumer base, manufacturers need to put in more efforts to develop various dimensions of their businesses. Since our associates were one of the leading developers of various technologies such as CDMA and have been closely conducting R&D in this field, you are on the right track if you associate your self with us.

The following types of products are listed in our lineup dedicated to mobile and related technologies:

1. Medity™ Semiconductor Solution for 3G Mobile Phones:
5 key components of Medity™ are as follows:

Semiconductor chipset
The main components of the chipset are the DBB*1/application integrated chip, RF ICs, and power ICs.

Medity includes a communication software package and an application package. Application software package includes Linux and other operating systems, drivers, middleware, and other application software, within the platformOViA framework. PlatformOViA are solution platform that provides System-on-Chip (SoC) optimized for specific areas of technology and highly reliable, high-quality software; thereby enabling manufacturers to reduce development times and introduce emerging technologies with ease.

Evaluation Kit
The EVK (evaluation kit) contains all of the material needed to develop mobile phone handsets, including an evaluation board for software development, reference design circuit and board diagrams, and documents.
Software development tools
Development tools for communication software and application software enable system designers to develop and test their own system.

System Integration services
Through the platformOViA partner program services such as porting operating system to the customer's system, developing drivers, and porting middleware packages are provided.

2. Application Processor
This includes a rich lineup for enhancing the products developed by customers. Product line included products such as-

  • Application processor for portable devices which achieves multimedia processing of image and audio data, with low-power consumption.
  • Processors specialized for long audio playback with cellular phones.

3. Melody LSI:
Melody LSIs are very small semiconductor chips which assist the sound creation. The outlines of the products in this category are:

  • 3D positioning
  • PCM sound generator LSI
  • 3D surround
  • Audio playback supported

4. DSP (Digital Signal Proccesor):
Digital Signal Processor is developed for high speed and high precision processing.
• 16 bits, Fixed-point Digital Signal Processor- Both mask ROM and RAM models are available.
Package availability- 100-pin TQFP/ 80-pin TQFP/ 80-pin FBGA

• 16 bits, Fixed-point Digital Signal Processor (less power consuming for PDA’s and similar battery driven devices)
Package availability- Package 161-pin FBGA/ 144-pin LQFP

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