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Microwave Terminators

Terminator is a device which is connected to the last peripheral device in a sequence or the last node in a network. Coaxial terminators and waveguide terminators are collectively known as radio frequency terminators or microwave terminators. They are used to absorb energy and prevent a signal from reflecting back from open-ended or unused ports.

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Microwave Terminator
Our website’s large number of catalogs, have a wide varieties of microwave terminator listed and assorted according to various parameters. The various types included are:

  • Non-reflective terminators (with BNC connectors)
  • Non-reflective terminators (with SMA connectors)
  • Non-reflective terminators (Stripline externally mounted with SMA flange)
  • Non-reflective terminators (Stripline mounting)
  • Non-reflective terminators (Feed-through)
  • Non-reflective terminators (with N, TNC, SSMA, POB, FL and PO6 connectors) etc


  • High Performance
  • Full Assortment of 50 ohms and 75 ohms Types
  • Low V.S.W.R.
  • Space-saving design
  • Lightweight
  • Usable over an extremely wide bandwidth
  • RoHS compliant

It is used in networking equipments, Optical transmission devices, network analyzers, BERTS (Bit Error Ratio Testing Systems), FWA (Fixed Wireless Access), and for measurement purposes in other applications requiring frequencies of up to 65 GHz.

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