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Microwave Switch Coaxial

A Microwave Switch Coaxial radio frequency switch is used for routing RF signals to specific wave-guides. These are widely used devices because of their fast switching speeds, and fail safe models. They are available in the market with distinct feature and models.

Microwave RF coaxial switches are excessively used in various designs, but selecting the right microwave RF coaxial switch can be a problem for the design engineers. Engineers have to examine and evaluate minutest feature of each component before using them in their applications. Thus engineers gather even the smallest information they can, about the functionality and features of the microwave RF Coaxial switches they intend to use. This information can be easily accessed through our website which contains large number of catalogs of microwave RF Coaxial switches that are available online.

Microwave RF coaxial switches Manufacturers, supplier and distributors who are linked to our vast online network, are asked to furnish even atomic details about their products. This enable the visitors to browse, compare, examine and then buy the product. A lasting corporate relation is built when the buyers are furnished with the right information and features they deem fit for their application.

Microwave RF coaxial switches
We have over half a score of microwave RF Coaxial switches varieties, with exclusive features and high reliability assurance. These Microwave RF Coaxial switches are the best available in the market, hence they are utilized in various applications such as:

Wireless communication modules (Bluetooth, WLAN, UWB, ZigBee), Portable terminals, desktop and notebook computers, ETC, POS terminals, GPS terminals, PDA, and any small devices requiring verification of antenna/circuit performance and re-direction of the transmission and high frequency equipment.


  • High Performance and High Reliability
  • SPDT fail-safe type switches
  • Frequency bandwidth
  • Contact voltage strength
  • Power saving
  • Vibration resistance
  • SMA Connections
  • Environmentally Rugged
  • Low insertion loss
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