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Microwave Dividers/Combiners

A microwave divider is ideally a lossless reciprocal device which can also perform vector summation of two or more signals and thus is sometimes called a power combiner or summer. The micro strip line method is extensively applied in the development and creation of microwave divider and combiners. Power dividers and combiners are among the most important of passive RF/microwave components for their key roles in higher-level systems.

The critical parameters in selecting a microwave power divider are normally frequency range, insertion loss, isolation and VSWR.

Microwave dividers are often considered the simplest of the many RF devices that may be required in designing a system, and in some respects this is true. Despite the functional simplicity of microwave dividers and generally rugged and reliable components used in the construction, their specification and application in systems can still lead to unexpected problems if the right type of microwave divider/combiner has not been used.

Therefore the selection and application of Microwave Dividers Combiners is a critical issue to be handled by design engineers. To help them in such problematic issues, we provide them an interface with large number of power Dividers/Combiners available for online sale, through our website. This also gives them time to time updated catalogs of microwave Dividers/Combiners, so that they can utilize the latest and most efficient components in their prototypes and test them.

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Microwave Dividers/ Combiners
We have 2 GHz Band Power Dividers/Combiners with us.

Salient features of this product are:

Division System: The micro strip line method, which uses the principle of the Lamda/4 impedance converter, provides excellent high frequency performance

High Performance: The low insertion loss and high isolation (of over 20 dB) afforded by the Wilkinson circuit, structure make these power dividers ideal for use in portable telephone base stations, Measuring instruments, and for measurements.

Highly Reliable Design: Connectors are of the SMA type and use stainless steel for extremely high performance. The case uses corrosion-resistant aluminum and is both miniature and lightweight.

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