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Microwave Couplers

A general coupler is a mechanical device that helps to connect the ends of any adjacent objects. An inflexible coupling is appropriate for shafts in close position or held in collection without inducing disparaging forces in shafts or behavior.

When two transmission lines are close together, because of the interaction of the electromagnetic fields of each line, power can be coupled between the lines using microwave couplers.

Microwave Couplers are small yet very critical components; hence they are used in large varieties of applications such as Optical terminal equipment, optical relay racks, test equipment, telecommunication equipment and other systems, applications requiring Small Form Factor optical connections, Power level adjustment of optical fiber communication networks, Public communications lines, CATV, Test equipment, etc.

Engineers find it much easier to search for microwave couplers online. This saves their valuable time and also provides them with varieties of the options through a single window. Considering the same, our website has a large database of microwave couplers available for online sale. This database has been created by amalgamating online catalogs of microwave couplers from hundreds of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

As the demand of microwave couplers seldom falls, the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors are always overflowed with purchase orders. Time is money, understanding the value of your time we suggest you to be part of vast network branched with the most prominent suppliers, distributors, representatives, manufacturers and million of online customers.

Microwave Couplers components
We have different types of microwave couplers which are crafted to deliver optimum functionality. Our database contains various subcategories of couplers such as Stick coupler, Couplers with connectors, Card coupler and Hybrid coupler.

The salient features of the couplers listed with us are:

  • High Performance
  • High Power Handling
  • Extremely Small Size and Lightweight
  • Simple installation
  • Miniature and Lightweight
  • Couplers with SMA Connectors
  • Full Coupling Variations
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