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Microwave Attenuators

Such a website which facilitates the user always drives more and more of prospective buyers. Thus the Microwave attenuator suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of microwave attenuators will constantly receive the benefit of being connected to the global online market, via our networks, in the form of high drive of potential buyers and traders.

A Microwave attenuator is an electronically device that decrease the amplitude or power of a signal to predetermined factor usually expressed as decibels. Attenuators are usually passive devices made from resistors. The degree of attenuation may be fixed, continuously adjustable, or incrementally adjustable.

Microwave Attenuators are used in communication devices and audio engineering designs. Finding the microwave attenuator is based upon the following factors:

  • Attenuation expressed in decibels of relative power.
  • Frequency bandwidth
  • Power dissipation – which depends on mass and surface area of resistance material as well as possible additional cooling fins.
  • SWR i.e. Standing Wave Ratio for input and output ports
  • Accuracy
  • Repeatability

Engineers can decide over a microwave attenuator only after careful examination of all these factors. Most of the websites of manufacturers do provide the visitors with the features of their product but often engineers find it quite irksome to go back again and again to the home page and click on the product put up there. Through our website the engineers are able to generate a long list of product from different manufacturers, suppliers and distributors that match up with the parameters fed by them.

Microwave Attenuator
Our website contains the following types of microwave attenuators listed for online sale:

  • Fixed attenuators (with SMA connectors)
  • High power fixed attenuators (Rugged radiator with SMA connector)
  • High power fixed attenuators (Rugged radiator with type N connector)
  • High power fixed attenuators (Radiator plate mounting type)
  • High power fixed attenuators (Radiator plate mounting type)
  • Medium power fixed Attenuators (with SMA connector)
  • Fixed attenuators (with SMA connectors)
  • Stripline mounting fixed attenuators for surface mounting
  • Stripline mounting fixed attenuators
  • Fixed attenuators (with N connectors)
  • Fixed attenuators (with BNC connectors)
  • Fixed attenuators (with TNC connectors)
  • 65GHz Attenuators for HV connectors
  • Step Attenuator (with SMA connector)
  • Programmable attenuators

Following are the salient features of the above mentioned microwave attenuators:

  • Abundant Variations of Attenuators
  • SMA Type
  • High Degree of Matching and High Reliability
  • Frequency Range from DC to 8 GHz
  • Abundant Variations of Attenuators
  • High Reliability
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