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Memory Devices

The digital information is stored in memory devices. Memories can be divided into 2 categories based on what memory cells can be accessed at a given instant.

  1. SAM (Sequentially Access Memory) is accessed by stepping through each memory location until the desired location is reached. Magnetic tape is an example of SAM.
  2. RAM (Random Access Memory) where the memory can be randomly accessed at any instant, without having to step through each memory location. It is generally faster to access a RAM compared to SAM.

The storage demands of the people have increased overtime. This has resulted into the invention and development of various kinds of memory devices like EEPROM, RAM, ROM, Flash Drives, Pen drives etc.

The growing demands for bigger and better storage devices often force engineers to search for most efficient, less space consuming, fast and economical storage device for their applications. The most time efficient way to search for any electronic component is to search online; this gives you the freedom of comparison, evaluation and even transactions.

Searching online can be a bit dreary work, as you might not always end up with the product or component of your choice. Therefore we thought to build up a network of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of well-known brands of electronic components industry.

We have created a mass online catalog of electronic components for online sale using our widespread network encompassing electronic component Memory Devices manufacturers, suppliers and distributors from around the globe.

We have the following varieties of memory devices listed with us:

Our SRAM lineup features both low-power-consumption and high-speed-access products with various capacities to match the requirements of the market. The high-speed-access product series includes 4 different types corresponding to various interfaces on the memory controller side.

  • Low Power SRAM 256K to 8M
  • Asynchronous Fast SRAM 16M and 4M
  • DDR II SRAM 36M and 18M

2. Mobile Specified RAM
This memory is functionally compatible with low power SRAM but employs DRAM memory cells to enable a capacity much higher than could be achieved with conventional SRAM. High capacity, low power, high speed and wide operating temperature range make this memory particularly well suited to mobile applications.


  • Functionally compatible with low power SRAM
  • Low current consumption (standby current in 64 Mbits product: 100 µA or less)
  • Page read and data hold capacity select functions provided
  • Ideal for SiP of Stacked MCP and logic IC

3. Mask ROM
Mask ROM is more inexpensive than flash memory, EPROM and other non-volatile memories, and is therefore widely used in applications requiring the storage of fixed data that is not written on the system. This product is ideal for fixed data storage in devices such as calculators, PDAs, and electronic dictionaries.

The mask ROM products also offer a lineup of compatible packages with flash memory (48-pin TSOP (I) 12x20mm and 48-pin tape FBGA 8x6mm) besides a conventional package (48-pin TSOP (I) 12x18mm).


  • Wide range of memory capacities: From 16 Mbits to 128 Mbits
  • Product with conventional pin layout and pin-compatible product exchangeable with flash memory provided
  • Products featuring 4-/8-word page operation also available

4. Stacked MCP
This is a product that combines flash memory, mobile specified RAM, low power SRAM and other Memory IC chips in a single package. The specialty of this type of memory device is that any memory combination is possible.

• Up to 4 chips in one package with a package height of no more than 1.4 mm
• Packages with RAM-only combinations (mobile specified RAM and low power SRAM) also available
• Products development by any memory combinations can allow customization.

5. Line Buffer
It is a FIFO (first-in, first-out) type memory; ideal for line delay and time axis conversion in equipment such as facsimiles and digital copiers.

• Different cycles enabling independent and asynchronous writing and reading
• Available in 80K and 40K density.

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