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Magnetic sheets

Evolution of the most intricate yet highly user-friendly technologies have given birth to a new zenith of electronic gadgets that have been now constantly helping to make our life a lot easier.

E-commerce has leveraged us with distinct modes of carrying out transactions, but what make this entire possible are the smallest engineered components that are fitted in the electronic gadget.

Magnetic sheets are one such component which are used on a large scale for manufacturing LCD TVs, car navigation systems, digital camcorders, digital still cameras etc. there are a plethora of suppliers and distributors who have taken the help of internet for expanding their business circle. But it is still a tiring process to evaluate each on their offer and product features.

A large database of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of magnetic sheets is a wish engineers have been craving for from a long time. We have networked with most efficient and known names in the industry which gives you an unvisited virtual gallery where all the suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of magnetic sheets assemble together.

We give you online stock-wise and feature-wise details of different magnetic sheets available online for sale through large number of catalogs. We have two prominently demanded magnetic sheets on our website for online sale and purchase:

LIQUALLOY™ Magnetic Sheets for Noise Suppression
LIQUALLOY™ magnetic sheets will flexibly meet the future needs of a high-frequency band with a variety of applications and is the engineers choice for devices like LCD TVs, car navigation systems (portable navigation device), digital camcorders, digital still cameras etc.

LIQUALLOY™ Magnetic Sheets for RFID:
These are the thinnest sheets available in the market; hence, it sets the benchmark for its competitors. These magnetic sheets show great ability to boost the miniaturization and thin-shaping of readers and writers, and meet the needs for high thermostability.

They are extensively used for cashless electronic payment over cellular phones, at kiosks, convenience stores and vending machines, traceability in factories etc.

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