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Magnetic Sensors

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Magnetic Sensors:
1. Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor
• Low profile package with universal mounting
• Robust Accurate Autopad, Non-Contact Inductive Sensing
• Patent pending technology
• Electronics are isolated from the moving parts and rotating arm
• Universal output formats from 90; to 360; of rotation
• Standard arm length 43mm—Custom lengths available on request

2. Hall Effect:
Hall Effect devices are temperature-compensated magnetic field sensing products. They are best suited for extremely harsh environments for sensing motion such as under-the-hood automotive and heavy industrial machinery applications, including robotics where identification of objects and or counting rotations of gears are required.

• Bipolar
• Bipolar Digital
• Ratiometric Linear Output
• Slotted, Open Collector
• Unipolar Digital

Some of the advantages of Hall Effect devices are:
• Bandgap Voltage Regulator
• Threshold Amplifier
• Low Power Consumption
• Designed for the toughest environments

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