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Linear ICs

A linear integrated circuit (linear IC) is a solid-state analog device characterized by a theoretically infinite number of possible operating states. It operates over a continuous range of input levels. In contrast, a digital IC has a finite number of discrete input and output states. The best known and most common, Linear IC is the operational amplifier or op amp, which consists of resistors, diodes, and transistors in a conventional analog circuit.

Linear ICs are employed in audio amplifiers, A/D (analog-to-digital) converters, averaging amplifiers, differentiators, DC (direct-current) amplifiers, integrators, multivibrators, oscillators, audio filters, and sweep generators.

The mass switching from analog to digital technology, the high-end use of audio amplifiers, player and filters and many other uses have driven the demand of these small yet powerful electronic components- Linear ICs, to the star-heights. Their high demand stems from their effective utility and functionality. Thus it is important that the engineers are able to find the type of Linear ICs that will develop their designs to effective and revolutionary applications. Our website would work as a solace imparting destination for all the engineers searching online for electronic components like Linear ICs.

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We have large number of general linear ICs listed on our online catalogs, which are further subcategorized into:

1. Power Supply IC
Regulators are ICs that supply stable output voltage. There are three types of regulators:

Series Regulators: This is a direct current stabilizing circuit used after AC/DC converters and elsewhere. It has only a few external components, and desired voltages can be generated easily. Compared to an SW power supply, it has superior noise characteristics.

Shunt Regulators: This is a standard reference voltage supply widely used for SW power supply feedback circuits and other purposes. Compared to a zener diode which is a discrete product, it has superior voltage accuracy because it controls voltage as an IC.

Switching Regulator Controller: This is a control IC for switching power supplies. It is used to control AC/DC and DC/DC converters. Compared to a series regulator, it has superior efficiency characteristics.

2. Operational Amplifier

3. Comparator
Operational amplifier and comparators are essential products for the realization of analog circuits. The product lineup on our website enables customers to choose the optimal products for their needs, such as single power supply operational amplifiers which can be operated by a single power supply, comparators, low-noise operational amplifiers (suited for audio purposes), high-speed response J-FET input operational amplifiers, and so on.

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