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Lighting Fixture

Let light render your space an unimagined spectrum creating an art colored by lights; to be more specific - LEDs. Lightning fixtures are the newest mode of embellishments that offers you with the infinite pastels to define your needs and style- be it for entertainment, advertisements or even architectural. You can design an adorned world of your own.

Here, on this website, you will find the widest range of LED-pastels offered anywhere on the cyber universe. That’s because we are the biggest database providers of the best Lightning Fixtures available online for sale, from the leading brands of Lightning Fixture’s manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Don’t move! Because we aren’t done yet; being with us gives you the opportunity to buy Lightning Fixtures samples or order Lightning Fixtures samples for free. Now that’s customer service. Isn’t it?

Engineers and architects now have another option to create an ambience with feather touches of the wide varieties of lighting fixtures offered to them on this site. These lighting fixtures, collected from the leading Lightning Fixtures manufacturer, suppliers and distributors, are the ideal choice to light a space, decorate a whole room, office or anything alike; and let your competitors envy you for your creativity.

No wonder they are being used everywhere; from illuminating rooms to building to BRIDGES and fountains. This is because the quality standards we set are unmatched which are pillared by archetype customer service. Leading brands of Lightning Fixtures manufacturers provide you with the most reliable and most stylish online Lightning Fixtures product line. This product line however is widely disseminated to nook and corners of the world market through the fastest growing chain of Lightning Fixtures suppliers and distributors.

Scientific studies prove that lightning changes can positively affect mental behavior of the people affected by it. Through LEDs and other Lightning Fixtures, using the permutation and combination methodology, the possible variations possible are infinite. This calls for a wider reason to be aligned with us as we have the biggest online catalogs of Lightning Fixtures form the leading Lightning Fixtures brands.

Lightning Fixtures
All products in this lineup are RoHS Directive Compliant. Our wide product line consists of the following Lightning Fixtures:

Line type LED Lighting
Line type LED lightings are now a very favored type of lighting devices. Their high demand is pillared upon their top class performance and availability of wider models suiting different needs. They have been further categorized into the following:

1. Line type LED Lighting (Aluminum Body)

  • Seamless installation is capable by part to part attachment
  • Available daisy chain connection method (Max 5 units)
  • Number of LEDs: 12LEDs
  • Luminous color: White
  • Lens Color: colorless clear or diffused

2. Line type LED Lighting (ASYCK LITE)

  • Compact & Smart design
  • Number of LEDs- model 1- 6 LEDs mounted
    model 2- 12 LEDs mounted
  • Luminous color: White, Warm White and Double Color
  • Total luminous flux: model 1- 70lm over / model 2- 150lm over
  • Input Voltage: DC24V
  • Power Consumption: model 1- 2.4W / model 2- 4.8W
  • Life span: About 40000 hours
  • Lens Color: colorless clear/ diffused
  • Case color: White Color/ Black Color

• LED Module

  • Models types are available in which two or Four High output power White LEDs are utilized
  • Available daisy chain connection method (Max 50 units)
  • Splash proof IPX3
  • Long lifetime at approximately 50,000 hours
  • Method for connection :
    H: Harnes
    J: Connector

• Light Bulb Type LED

  • Light bulb type LED, 15 LED Mounted
  • High brightness, multiple colors.
    R(Red), O(Orange), Y(Yellow), G(Green), B(Blue), W(White), D(Warm White) SELECTED MODELS WITH P(Pink), L(Lemon Yellow), T(Turquoise),
  • Light on AC 120V
  • Base type: E26
  • Life Span: About 30000 hours

• Full color LED Lamp (A'star Light)

  • Full color: Smooth, consistent, spatial radiation patterns
  • Super high brightness
  • High reliability, Waterproof
  • Wide field of vision angle
  • Round types: φ35mm
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