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JITO (Just In Time Oscillators)

JITO products utilize PLL technology, in applications overall circuit jitter will often increase if applied to another PLL device. The ability to provide custom and standard frequency oscillators in days rather than weeks translates to tremendous benefits in terms of production scheduling flexibility. These JITO devices offer a 67% reduction in phase jitter when compared with other programmed devices. JITO are high performance, low cost frequency control for applications from wireless, to computers, and to outer space.


  • Custom and standard frequencies available
  • Accurate stability
  • Low power and high temperature operating range
  • Full-size Metal Dip
  • Dual output PECL available.
  • Frequency Stability
  • Enable/Disable option available

JITO (Just In Time Oscillators) line contributed a lot in helping buyers and engineers meet the increasing pressure of bringing new designs and products to market faster and more efficiently.

Engineers need custom frequencies as quickly as possible to test and prove their prototypes. Production people need to know that custom frequency products can be accessed quickly without holding up their line. These ultra-modern and highly useful oscillators are easily made available to the design engineers via our website. This ensures engineers with the option of examining the product from different perspective and then selecting a product for the design. They can even request for sample and test the efficiency and performance of JITO through our website.

The buyers, suppliers and distributors have to ensure that they can satisfy both engineering and production needs. Understanding this, our website offers them with the opportunity to compare, and analyze the capabilities of each product available online, as each product is uploaded with even the minutest features of it. Distributors and suppliers who are engaged in the online sale and purchase of JITOs can flourish through enlarging the contours of their business. By joining us, they enter into a network of networks engaged in the online electronic component trade.

JITOs are available in two broad variations with over 50 models suiting different design needs.

XpressO Equivalent:
They are used in many applications such as SONET, Ethernet, Storage Area Network, Broadband Access, Microprocessors / DSP / FPGA, Industrial Controllers, Test and measurement Equipment, Fiber Channel


  • XTREMELY Low Jitter and cost effective
  • XPRESS Delivery
  • Frequency Resolution to six decimal places
  • Stabilities to ± 20 PPM
  • -20 to +70°C or -40 to +85°C operating temperatures
  • Tri-State Enable / Disable Feature
  • Industry Standard Package, Footprint & Pin-Out
  • Fully RoHS compliant
  • Gold over Nickel Termination Finish
  • Serial ID with Comprehensive Traceability

Conventional Osc Equivalent.

  • 3.3V Operation
  • HCMOS Output
  • Standby Function
  • Tape and Reel (2,000 pcs. STD)
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