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I/O Expanders

The electronic industry has constantly serving the society with technologies which transfused new energy level and easiness in their life. There is hardly any discipline where they haven’t proved their efficiency; for example communication, household appliances etc.

For all this engineers search the market, both online and terrestrial, for component s that will amplify the performance of their designed gadget. I/O expanders are one such component that is frequently searched by design engineers to facilitate their designs with greater efficiency. There are hundreds of I/O expanders that are available online for sale and purchase. We have the largest database of systematically arranged I/O expander, along with their features and stock availability, to facilitate design engineers in their critical design decisions.

Manufacturers of the I/O expanders are facilitated with higher demands for their product due to our vast network constituting of thousand of suppliers and distributors as well as million of prospective buyer looking for online I/O expanders listings.

The comprehensive network of manufacturers from around the world comprising of the most trusted brands, provide suppliers and distributors to build corporate relationships with them and further their business contours.

Our website offers a wide variety of I²C/SMBus I/O Port Expanders which provide additional I/Os for ACPI power switches, servers, sensors, fans, LEDs, and industrial control applications.

The product line is categorized into two sections: Simple I/O Expanders and LED Blinkers.

The prominent features of the products listed include:

  • 400kHz I²C bus compatible*
  • 2.3V to 5.5V operation
  • Low stand-by current
  • 5V tolerant I/Os
  • Models with 8 or 16 I/O pins that default to inputs at power-up
  • High drive capability
  • Individual I/O configuration
  • Polarity inversion register
  • Active low interrupt output
  • Internal power-on reset
  • No glitch on power-up
  • Noise filter on SDA/SCL inputs
  • Cascadable up to 8 devices
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Low stand-by current
  • 16 LED drivers with dimming control
  • 256 brightness steps
  • 16 open drain outputs drive 25 mA each
  • 2 selectable programmable blink rates:
    – frequency: 0.593Hz to 152Hz
    – duty cycle: 0% to 99.6%
  • I/Os can be used as GPIOs
  • Active low reset input

They are extensively used in:

  • White goods such as dishwashers, washing machines
  • Handheld devices such as cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras
  • Data Communications like routers, hubs and servers
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