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Input Output Connectors

An electrical connector is a conductive device for joining electrical circuits together. The Input Output Connectors connection may be temporary, as for portable equipment, or may require a tool for assembly and removal, or may be a permanent electrical joint between two wires or devices.

Connectors are important peripherals used to link two devices together. Since connector industry is a huge industry the models and types of connectors that arrive in markets are infinite. If you are a design engineer then, searching the right connectors suiting your designs can be a pain-stalking task. Taking the help of technology would surely lower the burden off your shoulder. It is easier to search among thousands of connectors available online by typing a few parameters, is less arduous than practically visiting each manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors website and offices.

Bad networking can nullify the effects of good engineered product line. Just having a wide product line of efficient, archetype connectors won’t result to good business. For this, it requires a hybrid network of suppliers, distributors and representative who further the reach of your product deep in the market. Our website is a platform that can help you develop chain of Input Output Connectors supplier, distributors and representatives engaged in the online selling of connectors. Our database comprises of the most branded and trusted names of the electronic industries, hence you always benefit by associating yourself with us.

Distributors and suppliers are able to inculcate newer models into their catalogs, thus multiplying their prosperity chances. Our online catalogs has over 100’s of connectors listed and is still growing in number.

Connectors are devices to connect any plug and socket and help to link two devices together. It affects whole electronic system if not designed or constructed properly, because it is a basic linking media or pointer between two data structures.


  • To defend from loss when memory card was ejected, half-lock structure is adopted.
  • Media detection switch adopts highly reliable contact structure with sliding at ON/OFF.
  • Media detection switch surely detects timing when media are inserted.
  • Available for both SD Memory Card and MultiMediaCard.
  • Compact size and low-profile.
  • Compliant to FCC standards.
  • Connected with a cables and wide variety are available
  • Termination to pre-inserted contacts.


  • In Telephones, Fax machines,
  • Wireless applications,
  • Modems, Intercoms, etc.

We have the following broad types of connectors, based on design and applications, available with us:

1. Input/Output (I/O) Connectors:
We have an infinite numbers of I/O connectors listed on our website and have been further divided into various categories to facilitate you better. The various categories are:

  • Circular Connectors
  • Rectangular Connectors
  • Coaxial Connectors
  • Modular Connectors

We have over 30 circular connectors, 45 Rectangular Connectors, 40 Coaxial Connectors and 20 Modular Connectors listed with us for online sale and purchase.

2. PCB Connectors
PCB connectors are listed with us on our website under various categories to facilitate the visitors. The categories of PCBs listed with us are:

  • Card Edge Connectors
  • Board-to-Board Connectors
  • Board-to-Wire Connectors
  • FPC/FFC Connectors

We have over 4 types Card Edge Connectors, over35 types of Board-to-Board Connectors, near 60 types of Board-to-Wire Connectors and over 15 types FPC/FFC Connectors, excluding their sub-variants.

3. Card Connectors
Our website offers over 20 types of Memory Cards and IC Sockets listed for online sale and purchase.

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