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Floppy Disk Drives

Technology advance at a faster rate than we can even imagine for that a millions brains are diversely exploring and evaluating new possibilities to furnish the human race with a better tomorrow.

It’s difficult to search a product whose production has fallen over a period. Manufacturers have brought down the resources generating the Floppy Disk Drives. All these factors have developed problems for the firms and components using these floppy disks. The 3.5 inch Floppy disks were once the most important mode of storage devices, but they have been almost literally wiped-out by CD’s and the Next-Gen technologies.

But we have the solution for all those affected from this technological advancement of industry. We have the largest database of existing 3.5 floppy drive manufacturers and suppliers who produce the most superlative class of FDD’s. Online search of Floppy Disk Drives can be easily carried out through our website which comprises of largest FDD’s listings for online sale and purchase.

We assure you that you will be served with conspicuously excellent products with desired features to suit your needs.

3.5 inch floppy disk drives:
These High Reliability Floppy Disk Drives have been made by employment of a direct-drive motor and is available in three recording capacity mode (2MB, 1.6MB and 1MB). Driven by a single 5V power supply it is a low power consuming device. Its semi-sealed construction gives high performance by protecting against dust and anti-electromagnetic noise.

The device is available with and without bezel (with shutter) and you can even choose the color of the bezel, shutter, LED and ejection button from the options available.

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