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Mylar Metallized Film Capacitors

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Film capacitors are designed using a number of different dielectrics. Dielectrics are the insulating materials between the plates of the film capacitor. Materials are chosen for their ability to permit electrostatic attraction and repulsion to take place across the film.

Metallized polyester film has excellent self-healing properties.

1. Metallized polypropylene film capacitors (for high frequency use)


  • Models for high frequency use.
  • Metallized polypropylene and metallized polyester film utilized model variations.
  • All models are RoHS compliant.

Major uses/types:

  • Permissible large current and anti-vibration
  • Standard type
  • Large capacitance type
  • High voltage type and anti-vibration
  • For general use
  • For resonance circuit use

2. Metallized polyester film capacitors (for general use)

  • Highly reliable capacitor for general applications using a metallized polyethylene terephthalate film as dielectric.
  • Non-inductive structure made by special metal spraying process.
  • The amor is a powder molded flame resisting epoxy resin (correspond V-0).

Major uses: General use, metallized polyester film. Resin dipped wound type, small size

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