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Fiber Optic Networking Products

Hard to find micro capillaries matching your needs? Not any more. Here on our website you will come across the biggest micro capillaries brands from the leading Forecast micro capillaries manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. One and only solution to your entire electronic component search- that is how this website is crafted. We also provide the users with the facility to buy micro capillaries samples or order free micro capillaries samples from the leading Forecast micro capillaries distributors.

Testing the electronic components with Lightstar Fiber Optic Products prototypes gives the real performance deliverance of the components used. That is why through this website we facilitate you to buy electronic component samples or even order free electronic component samples from the most known distributors.

Fiber Optic Networking Products have been fast developing and introducing better and more efficient types of Forecast Micro capillaries in to the market. The growing demand of the design engineers was to be availed with a facility through which they could procure fiber optic product samples from the leading Fiber Optic Networking Products distributors and suppliers. Through this website we not just facilitate the engineer’s demands but also provide them with an add-on facility to keep track of the samples. On the other hand the micro capillaries suppliers and manufacturers can build up strategic relationships with each other and further deepen their market and product reach.

Micro capillaries
Micro capillaries are fiber optic devices to attach fibers optics with precise alignment. This lineup includes the most branded and sought after types of micro capillaries to match specific design needs.


  1. Single-Hole Micro Capillary
  2. Dual-Hole Micro Capillary


  • Durability - High UV transmittance
  • UV Adhesive - Support UV curable adhesives
  • Polishing - Extremely easy to polish, no diamond sheet is required
  • Glass- High temperature glass with high chemical durability
  • Glass Property - High thermal softening and high environmental durability

Features and Benefits of Fiber Optic Networking Products

  • Precision glass fiber optic splicing devices
  • Used also as fiber supports in optical devices
  • Reduce the cost for connecting fiber optics and provide a higher quality connection
  • Made of borosilicate glass which has high chemical durability
  • Fibers are inserted into the capillaries very smoothly without scratching
  • Assembly process can be simplified by using UV curable adhesives.
  • Reduced polishing cost due to high level of polishing cost-cuts and non-requirement of diamond sheets.
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