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Electric Double Layer Capacitors

EDLC electric double layer capacitor search made easier. We are the largest database providers of electric double layer capacitor or EDLC. Hence we offer to you a spectrum of electric double layer capacitor product lineup, comprised from the leading electric double layer capacitor manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Not just that, we also facilitate you with the provision of wither buying electric double layer capacitor samples or ordering free electric double layer capacitor samples from the leading distributors.

Energy needs are swiftly moving towards more eco-friendly and renewable sources. Moving towards a sustainable yet green-growth is what has affected the whole dynamics of the thought processes in the industry. Hence there were developments like that of EDLC or electric double layer capacitor, in consonance with the flow of sustaining resources for futuristic needs.

Engineers can find widest variety of ELDC product lineup, so that they can find the electric double layer capacitor suiting their needs. We have never offered only what our customers want; we offer facilities with they wished but never asked for. Such a facility lead to the development of a process through which potential buyers could order free EDLC samples or buy electric double layer capacitor samples from the distributors. That means potential buyers can order free electronic component samples or buy electronic component samples for testing with their prototypes capacitor super ulta double layer.

Electronic component manufacturers are often restricted to a geographic domain due to the shackled or restricted supplier and distributor chains. Through this fastest growing network of electronic component manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, representative with nearly fifty thousand registered users and ten thousands of unregistered one, the manufacturers can spread the wings of their businesses.

Types of models available are:
1. Cylindrical Type

  • 2.5V Standard type
  • 2.5V Energy type
  • 2.5V Power type
  • 2.3V High capacity standard type
  • 2.3V High capacity energy type
  • 2.3V High capacity power type

2. Prismatic Type

  • 2.5V Super low resistance type
  • 2.3V High capacity super low resistance type

3. Standard Module

  • 13.8V Module
  • 15V Module

4. Standard Rack

  • 210V Rack
  • 105V Rack


  • With low degradation, multimillion cycles of charge - discharge is capable.
  • With a high output density, rapid (high current) charge - discharge is capable.
  • With a high charge - discharge efficiency, an output efficiency of over 95% with an output density 1kW/kg is obtained.
  • Environmental friendly without using heavy metal for its structure material.
  • High in safety during abnormal time, and no malfunction occurs due to short outer circulation.
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