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Electric Devices

We are the largest database providers of Electric Devices used for lightning purposes. Our database comprises of the most known brands of Electric Devices like chip LEDs, numeric displays and DOT Matrix. Our website offers the users with the facilities of searching, evaluating and even buying the chip LED samples, numeric display’s samples, and dot matrix samples from the leading Electric Devices distributors. User can even order free samples of chip LEDs from the branded chip LED distributors. Similarly they can order free samples of numeric displays as well as free samples of dot matrix too.

Lighting devices add another dimension to attract the attention of your potential customers. Hence engineers, architects and generics have been quite enticed by the capabilities of these small electric devices which use LED for various lightning purposes. The users of our website are served with the largest Electric Device’s online catalog comprised from the leading Electric Devices manufacturers, supplier and distributors.

One of the most fast and effective attention grabber of the human eye is perhaps light. There is nothing more beautiful and attractive than the rainbow painting the sky with its romanticizing spectrum of colors. Now electronic devices can create a rainbow anywhere, as you please. Customer is the king, and his demands are to be fulfilled whatsoever. This mantra of business has resulted in the booming class of branded Electric Devices manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Many of these branded Electric Devices manufacturers, suppliers and distributors are aligned with us. Why? Because we are the fastest expanding network of electronic component manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, representatives and with over 45000 registered users. We know you are smart enough to deduce the opportunities it can create for your business.

All the components in the product line are RoHS complaint hence on spot choice of the engineers. The following categories of electric devices are listed with us:

1. Full Color Chip LED
Common features of the product line

  • Full color including white;
  • Smooth, consistent, spatial radiation patterns
  • Super high brightness
  • Compact Package (3x3mm)
  • High reliability

2. Bi-color Chip LED

  • 2 colors; Smooth, consistent
  • Uniformed spatial radiation pattern
  • Compact Package
  • High reliability
    Types available
  • Bi-color (red & blue) Chip LED
  • Bi-color (Red & Green) Chip LED
  • Bi-color (Yellow & Blue) Chip LED

3. Numeric Display
The subtypes available are:
o 24 Segment Alpha-numeric Display

  • 24 segments display complete alpha-numeric capabilities.
  • Dimensions: 34x24mm
  • Available colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and White)

o Full Color Numeric Display

  • 1 digit numeric display
  • 30.48mm digit height
  • Dimensions: 27.5x40mm
  • High brightness full color

4. Dot Matrix (Red and Green Color Dot Matrix)

  • High brightness,
  • 2 Color (Red: GaAlAs / GaAs, Green: GaP / GaP)
  • Dimensions: 40x40mm
  • 2mm dot, 2.5mm pitch
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