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DVI Connectors

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The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a video interface standard designed to maximize the visual quality of digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays and digital projectors. The DVI connector usually contains pins to pass the DVI-native digital video signals.

There are three standard DVI connection interfaces:

1. DVI-A (Analog)
DVI-A format interfaces the DVI signal to an analog display (e.g., CRT monitor, HDTV, et cetera) using a standard VGA (HD D-Sub 15) connector. The DVI design concept reserves pins to interface the analog RGB and sync signals from the PC’s graphics card to the monitor or display.

2. DVI-D (Digital Single & Dual Link)
DVI-D format interfaces direct digital signals from the graphics card or video source to a digital LCD or plasma display. PC graphics and images are digitally developed and converted from their native digital format to analog signals by the PC’s graphics card before being transmitted to the computer’s monitor using a VGA cable.
This VGA conversion process works well for analog-based CRT monitors; but, when an LCD display is used the VGA image must then be converted back to its native format using high-speed digital signal processing techniques. DVI-D interface concept eliminates the need for double-conversion when LCD or plasma digital displays are used.

3. DVI-I (Integrated Digital/Analog)
DVI-I interface concept supports either digital-to-digital or analog-to-analog signaling. The DVI-I interface does not support digital-to-analog or analog-to-digital signaling. Today most LCD and plasma displays are purely digital (DVI-D) although many of them support the DVI-I interface which means that the display will accept either DVI-D or DVI-A signals.

Types of DVI Connectors listed with us are:

  • DVI, 24 Pin
  • DVI, 29 Pin
  • DVI, 29 Pin, Male
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