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Discrete Devices

A discrete device (or discrete component) is an electronic component with just one circuit element, either passive (resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode) or active (transistor or vacuum tube), other than an integrated circuit. The term is used to distinguish the component from integrated circuits and hybrid circuits, which are built from several circuit elements in one package. It typically refers to semiconductor devices.

Examples are:

  • Transistor
  • Diode
  • LED

Passive devices:

  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • Inductor

To facilitate the engineers in online search of discrete devices for their applications and prototypes we have the largest online catalog database, collected from the leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of discrete components.

The cross country network consisting of the most prominent brands of the electronic industry, give the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors associated with it, an upper edge to those who are not. The best way to connect and create a relationship with your target audience is to build and develop a strong network of supplier, distributors and representatives who in turn would enlarge the market for your products.

Discrete device:
Our website offers an extensive lineup of discrete devices with small packages, lightweight designs, and low power consumption. Discrete devices listed with us are:

  • Bipolar Transistor
  • J-FET
  • Transistor Array
  • Transistor with Internal Resistor
  • NSAD Series
  • NNCD Series
  • RD Series
  • SCR
  • Trigger Device

It is a proactive approach to power management, developing and commercializing semiconductors such as power MOSFETs for a broad spectrum of applications. Our current offering includes power management devices that contribute to lower power consumption and miniaturization of automotive electronic devices, personal computers, mobile phones, and more.

The different types of MOFSETs available with us are:

  • N-Channel Single 16V to 25V
  • N-Channel Single 30V to 43V
  • N-Channel Single 50V to 60V
  • N-Channel Single 75V to 250V
  • N-Channel Single > 400V
  • P-Channel Single -12V to -40V
  • P-Channel Single -50V to -60V
  • P-Channel Single < -100V
  • N/P-Channel Complementary
  • MOSFET with Schottky Diode
  • N-Channel Dual
  • P-Channel Dual
  • N-Channel Array
  • P-Channel Array
  • And more than 18 new models.

Bipolar Transistor
Two types of bipolar transistors are being offered:

  • Small Signal Transistors
  • Power Transistors
    • Low VCE(sat), High hFE
    • Low Voltage, High-speed Switching, High Voltage, High-speed Switching
    • Audio Frequency Amplification, High Frequency Amplification
    • Darlington

Various types of J-FETs are:

  • Transistor Array
    • Power Transistor Array (Multi-chip, 4 circuits)
    • Small Signal Transistor Array(Multi-chip)
    • Small Signal Transistor Array(Monolithic)
    • J-FET+Bipolar Transistor
  • Power Transistor Array (Multi-chip, 4 circuits)
  • Small Signal Transistor Array(Monolithic)
  • J-FET+Bipolar Transistor
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