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Digital potentiometers

A digital potentiometer adjusts and trims electronic circuits similar to variable resistors, rheostats and mechanical potentiometers and hence is sometimes called digital POT, RDAC, or digipot. These compact devices can be used to calibrate system tolerances or dynamically control system parameters.

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Advantage of Digital Potentiometer compared to mechanical potentiometers
Digital potentiometers have an edge over the mechanical potentiometers because:

  • higher resolutions
  • better reliability
  • better stability
  • faster adjustment
  • more functions
  • better dynamic control

Digital Potentiometers (DPP™)
Mechanical potentiometers have been universally employed in electronic circuitry for decades. They are used in millions of electronic products, for every conceivable application. It was its high cost that overshadowed its advantages but now electronic potentiometers are now cost-competitive with mechanical potentiometers and, for many applications, actually provide a lower total system cost.

Digitally potentiometers (DPP™), offer many benefits, as compare to mechanical potentiometers, for both the design and manufacturing engineers some of which are:

  • Better stability, drift specifications and cycle-life specifications
  • Fits into smaller spaces with multiple potentiometers possible in a single package.
  • Superior tracking between multiple potentiometers.
  • It is easier to change a setting with electronic potentiometers and accurately change it back.
  • Using industry standard IC packages, they are machine-insertable and offer far better resilience to contaminants encountered in a manufacturing environment.
  • Single, dual and quad versions are available.

DPP are used in millions of appliances such as optical networking, telecommunications, instrumentation, white goods, power supplies, power meters, temperature controllers, smart instruments, personal communication devices, office equipment, automatic test equipment, Internet appliances, cell phones, industrial process controllers and communication systems.

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