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Living in the digital world requires us to be fully compliant with technologies that will inspire your lifestyle. With the development of computers, swift digitization is seen in areas such as movies, televisions and music, thus the wave of digitization has now reached people's homes.

Engineers know do not aspire to design applications that slaved for the user, instead they design application that serves the user. They make it evident that the user is served with more than what they asked for. The evolution of digital technology was one such technological advancement that engulfed the analog technology and made inroads into peoples homes.

Search for a Digital AV on any search engine and you would be bombarded with results of links from various Digital AV manufacturers, Digital AV suppliers, Digital AV distributors and even from unwanted blogs carrying one-line information about digital AVs. This is one anomaly of searching for components online. While online search makes the electronic component search much easier, engineers find it irksome to go back and forth from one website to another before they can find the components they need.

The solution to this problem is a website from where engineers can access the product catalogs of different manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of digital AV. This give the both the parties i.e. the sellers and buyers, to interface, evaluate and examine the product offering, bargain and engage in trade. Our website is supported by a network comprising of hundreds of the prominent brands of supplier, distributors and manufacturers of electronic components. Associating with us is like creating a global image and presence of your products.

We have a wide spectrum of sub categories in the digital AV product line, to suit your different needs. Our catalogs include the following products:

Digital AV DVD RECORDERS (MPEG Codec for DVD Recorder):
DVD recorders have some characteristics not found in conventional audio-visual equipment: DVD can have special replay using a built-in hard disk drive (HDD); and recordings can be made to DVD, enhancing their user-friendliness.

Latest trend is to make DVD recorders multifunctional, by mounting multi-tuners to utilize the advantage of large capacity, and by providing models that can record multiple programs at the same time.
The trend toward next-generation models includes a transition to the H.264 format to realize a far higher compression rate than MPEG2, and mounting of drives supporting large capacity devices such as blue laser and 2-layer medium. High-end models offer more sophisticated features and higher performance, including recording of high resolution digital videos and recording for long hours.

While the overseas market for the major DVD recorders is expected to expand, A DVD with basic functions or with only a limited range of functions is also demanded to reduce prices further. In order to meet these needs, the product listed on our website is focused on combining the existing functions into one chip. This will not only help in lowering the price of semiconductors, but also make the cards more compact and shortening development time.

MPEG Decoder for Digital TV
Functions required for digital TV, including mainly MPEG AV decode functions, along with analog video output, graphics processing, and so on, on a single chip, are integrated by this device.

MPEG Decoder for STB
This device integrates functions required for set-top boxes; including mainly MPEG AV decode functions, along with analog video output, graphics processing, and so on, on a single chip. As an MPEG signal processing device for mounting in set-top boxes, Enhanced Multimedia Architecture (EMMA) has been developed. And also this has evolved with the expansion of the set-top box market.

MPEG Encoder
To convert ITU-R BT.656 video signals and PCM audio signals into an MPEG2 stream, MPEG Encoder is used. This can be used in PC capture boards and HDD video recorders.

Channel Decoder
Channel Decoder is a demodulation device which is used for digital broadcasting. Japanese BS digital system (ISDB-S) is supported by this device. Reliable and value-added products for the customer's use in today's consumer electronic devices, is assured through our product line up.

3DYC Separator Video Decoder
This device is used to support analog TV signals. Y/C separation of composite signals is performed by it. The 3DYC processing technology contributes to the development of added value for customer products.

Ghost Reducer
To support analog TV signals, this device is used. Reduction for Japanese TV systems is also supported by it. The development of added value for customer products is contributed by NEC Electronics, with high reliability.

OSD IC is an LSI for on-screen character display. Characters can be displayed on video camera or VCR screens through this device.

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